Storms of Doubt

Sometimes I wonder, how can our world get so chaotic? And I sometimes wonder why…
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Just Call Home

The plane arrived late, folks were mad. I got off the plane with a cramp in my…
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God Is in This Moment

It seems to me that the entire world is in a state of trauma. People do not know…
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Let God Be Big

Sometimes I wonder if the church has forgotten the vastness of God. Visit a…
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Ponder the Power

Despair can be a dangerous season. But it can also be a developing time, a time…
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They Weren’t Looking

One’s imagination is kindled thinking about the conversation of the innkeeper…
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God’s Plan for Humanity

God’s plan for humanity. It was crafted in the halls of heaven and carried …
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If Anyone Is Thirsty

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink” (John 7:37 NASB). Jesus…
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The Holy Spirit Is Our Teacher

Who—or what—has center stage in your life? There’s not a more…
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