Trump, Hillary, and the Strangest Dream

I can’t decide if it is a dream or a longing. Maybe it began as the first and morphed into the second. Yesterday I told my wife, Denalyn, “Last night I had the strangest dream.” We’d fallen asleep watching the Republican National Convention. Not the most relaxing way to drift off, right? Politicians, pundits, pollsters and picketers. Tongues wagging. Finger-pointing. Accusations. Declarations. Blah-blah-blah.

The convention is warp and woof of our system; I get that. But does it have to be so…hostile, volatile? The country seems on edge. Every headline a heartache. Officers shot. Motorists shot. Flags at half staff for how long?

I fell asleep with the images of the convention and the crisis in my head. When I awoke I had an image of a different convention. I mulled it over as I lay in bed. I gave it more thought as I sipped my coffee. By mid-afternoon, I was smiling at the very idea of it all.

It helps that I’m on the road with the “Worship Night in America” events. Like the politicians, we are making noise in arenas. Unlike the politicians, our noise is about Jesus. We sing, applaud, ponder scripture, and, at the end of the evening, get down on our knees and pray. By that point my friend Louie Giglio is speaking. He reminds us of the promise of God, “If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

That passage has more hope than Tiffany’s has diamonds. God will hear his people. God will heal broken hearts. It simply falls to His followers to repent, humble ourselves, and pray. So we do. In LA, Denver, Chicago, Miami, NYC…the people kneel and pray. The participants don’t need to be urged. They know the truth: we need help from above. The Republicans are just as befuddled as the Democrats. The Libertarians are as confused as the Independents. Politicians claim to have solutions. But the housewife in Miami isn’t fooled. Neither is the truck driver in Chicago. They know the truth. Our hope isn’t in politicians. It is in Jesus.

I guess that is how the dream became a longing.

In my dream a change settles over the Convention. People are quiet, reverent. Crowds gather outside, not to protest, but to witness something extraordinary. Word is out that a meeting has occurred. Trump and Hillary talked long into the night. Who suggested the meeting? What was the agenda? Did their teams huddle in corners? My dream gives no details.

But according the news report, the two candidates are going to step out at any moment and jointly address the nation. (I know what you are thinking. “In your dreams.”) True. But they do. When they do, a fresh wind blows across the country. They’ve come to a conclusion; they’ve reached a truce. No more tackiness. No more below-the-belt stuff. Too much is at risk. People are dying, for crying out loud. The nation needs to calm down. Take a breath. Come together. And, what better place to begin than with Trump and Hillary. The election will go on, but the rancor, the arrogance, and bitterness will stop.

The dream stops here. But the longing? It goes another step. Wouldn’t it be something, I mean, really something, if one or both of them said: “Here is the truth. We don’t know how to heal this country. But God does.” And right there, on national tv, to the shock of viewers worldwide, to the utter chagrin of the Devil and the joy of All Mighty God, they get down on their knees and ask heaven to send mercy to our land.

Wouldn’t that be something?

I know. You don’t have to tell me. “Don’t hold your breath, Lucado. It ain’t gonna happen.”

Not in the conventions, perhaps. But it can happen in your living room. In your bedroom. In your church. It can happen with you and me and a host of others like us. We can repent, humble ourselves, and pray. And when we do, who knows, our fondest dreams might come true.

©Max Lucado, July 2016

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    1. I will join you now with tears….God please love us enough to hear our cries and supplications for we know we are a sick and unworthy land…but America can still be saved if YOU OH LORD….will save us…and heal our land….In Jesus Name…Amen
      Joyce Guy, Oklahoma.

  1. Amen Max.Nothing is impossible with God..
    I believe it could happen .I am canadian.
    I not in mix , but ibelieve just God heal our
    government also. Blessings

  2. Max,
    I love your message. I also have been viewing the Republican Convention.
    I am a a Republican and don’t hide that fact. However, I would have really
    appreciated a prayer or a reference to God! It hasn’t happened.
    I doubt that it will at the Democratic Convention either!
    The answer to our problems is turning to God! But why is it so
    difficult to see that? Am I so innocent that I just don’t see it?

    I pray that our country, as a whole, no matter what the party,
    will turn to Our Heavenly Father once and for all!

  3. Hey Max, does this apply to your put downs regarding Trump while giving Hillary a pass? Also, you know many have been doing the humbling and praying for quite a few years now and look where we are. I would welcome an open discussion so you have my permission to do a FB post with this and see where it goes. BTW I do geniunely admire your other posts of encouragement.

  4. Mr. Lucado,
    My younger daughter JM has a develope mental delay. I have several of your books. LOVE every one of them. Regards of your “dream”, I am with you, the only comfort is that we know our God is still in control, He reigns. Satan seems to rise up and strong but our God will always win at the end. Our nation has chosen to leave the God of truth, righteous, and turn their back to Him, they fix their eyes on material, sex, and self idolized. I have and will continue to pray for our nation, our current leaders and the future ones, whoever they will be. May we the believers continue to be the reflection of Jesus. Pray without ceasing. And may the Lord continue be with you,, may His face shines on you and give you joy.

  5. That would be something…that would be the turn of the century, not only for us but for the world since everyone seems to copy what we do…but let it stat with us, God still sits in the throne and anything is possible…one love!

  6. Have you not read that glimmer of hope that Trump has indeed made a realistic decision… totally agree that decision has to manifest itself in fruit but… our God is a God of miracles????

  7. I have been in tears and burdened so for this nation. God won’t let me rest and I must pray.

    We are in trouble. I read what you wtote.
    If only.
    I have grown weary of the ugliness. It saddens me beyond belief.
    I am retired military and what this nation has become is not what it use to be.
    GOD needs to be a part of all of this and HE is being removed.

    So sad for all of us!!.

    But I continue to have hope…and I continue to pray.

  8. I too have a longing for our leaders (Hillary or Trump) to humble themselves before the Lord, acknowledge Him with a surrendered heart, ask for wisdom from our Heavenly Father to run our country. Even if it is in the Oval Office!!!. God will Bless America!!

  9. I love your dream.. I have never seen problems find solutions in an atmosphere of name calling, anger, finger pointing and violence.. But I’ve read that it did happen about 2 thousand years back and the carpenter from Galilee stayed in peace the whole time.. That’s what we all need to do. Thanks Max for your dream.

  10. This is a hard time, I am tired of all the weirdness and pray for the peace that passes understanding and the anger to be dissipated thanks for your words

  11. My oldest son and I were talking on Sunday while I was visiting his family in Colorado Springs. He said “I wonder what Max has to say about all this” — I’m a member at Oak Hills. I love this message from you. I do not understand all this hate, and I also know that the only answer is to turn to God. The evil around us is having too much fun disrupting people’s lives. Hooray for your message (dream,) Max. It’s a good one.

  12. Max,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been struggling so much with this election. I feel all the tension around me, online, through friends and most importantly family. This election tearing people apart and creating a divide in our nation. I hear people I respect and love make ugly and angry comments and it has just saddened and confused me more than ever. I have always hoped that our President would be a Godly man, seeking God in his decisions or at least knowing he believes and had a relationship with God. And with either of these parties that is not the case, or at least I don’t feel it is. Like you said it is filled with hate and anger and who can make the other look worse. I can’t even convince myself to vote for the party that shares the same “morals” as me because I feel like the candidate is not the Godly leader I was hoping for. And to vote for the “other side” has always been out of the question. So I am just so torn. I have been praying for God to help me see his will and his desire for this election, and I’ve even checked your page recently hoping you’d post something about making a Godly vote. And then here I am a few days later, seeing your post, not telling me how I should vote, but expressing that God will provide as long as we find refuge in him. It’s not the answer I was lookin for, but it was what God wanted me to hear and I am so thankful he used you to show me that. Thank you Max, for letting God speak through you. You have no idea how it has brought peace to me. To God be the Glory.

  13. Thank you for this message. This whole election mess has us all upset and we don’t know what to do..thank you for tell us because the stress is so high that we couldn’t even think of specific prayers.

  14. Thank you Pastor for sharing your dream. We can make it come true with God’s Holy Spirit working deep within us. Amen.

  15. Thank you for sharing your dream/longing. I too am deeply disturbed about the spiritual famine in our Country. I saw a great video on facebook from the preacher Tony Evans & that same day I received a post on facebook sharing 2 Chronicles7:14. I will be joining you in prayer that the Holy Spirit will come upon on Country & we will turn & repent. Thank you for being a faithful servant.

  16. Who says your dream can’t or won’t come true, … It certainly isn’t God ….He is God of the impossible …..2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sins and heal their land.
    That’s a promise not a wish.

  17. Thank you telling your dream. I know that it is my duty to vote for my country and there is no real answer to who it will be. No idea! I will continue to pray for my country and know that only God can help so I pray for answers to guide us all. I do think only through Gods miracle will we see the end of your dream.

  18. This falls into line with the prophesies I have read. God is working in your country.
    I live in Australia and I am following your election. God bless you all.

  19. Thank you for speaking so beautifully to what a good number of us are feeling.

  20. It could happen; but unfortunately would take something as big as another 9/11 to bring this country back together again. I hope your dream doesn’t suggest something like that is coming.

  21. That was a beautiful dream. I pray for this country and I know only God can heal this strife!

  22. Praise the Lord. am Canadian and I am watching all of the goings on. The world is watching. Oh, God, yes. YES. I believe the dream is prophetic and I am going to pray into it. Oh Jesus, You really do hear and answer our prayers. Father, may You help us to humble ourselves, to seek Your FACE and PRAY. Not just Americans but all over the world. We need this unity in the body of Christ. Oh Daddy, You can do it. We need to hear You now. We need to know it’s You. We’re standing on Your promises; we know Your Word is true. It’s bigger than what we see. It’s You (Jesus) in exchange for me (us). Even the impossible can be reality. Even the impossible is Your reality. Lord, with man this is impossible, but with You, all things are possible. Do it Daddy. And as we unite and come together as one in Him, the world will see and know that You sent Him. Hallelujah!!!!!

  23. Amen to that Max. You always manage to inspire me and bring some peace to my being. God has chosen you to that and I thank you and I thank God. On my knees now.

  24. Pray for our leaders and future leaders. That is God’s Word. The greatest leader will be that housewife in her closet on her knees, that business man calling his associates together to pray, that farmer stopping to pray – those are the true leaders. Praise God for “dreamers!”

  25. Mr. Lucado

    I love your sermons and books and attend Oak Hills. I am naive in the sense that I can’t understand how these two candidates act the way they do and are parents. Seems so childish to say but Hillary has two beautiful grandchildren and Mr. Trump is blessed as well. I can’t wrap my head around how these two intelligent people can’t act better and realize that God’s way is the best way. Don’t they want the best future for their children and grandchildren? Our pledge to our flag says “one nation, under God” for goodness sake. I know this is naive so anyone wanting to reply with negative comments, please don’t.

  26. I just finished reading “With You All The Way” for the first time to my children tonight & they loved it, as they do all your books (and videos!) that I am able to find. Thank you for using your beautiful gift of weaving words to bless us! We pray for your safety and continued fruitfulness in serving our Lord.

  27. I was praying over many troubling things before sleep last night, the soon to be new president, police officers we have many in our family, an abandoned baby at birth and another chronic condition on my plate,,,God said in a still voice, “Julie, do you trust me? And He asked me a second time, and I answered “yes, I trust you” my fears flew away and I slept. greatful for authors and encourages like you and so many others. if we are still God will speak, if we trust Him our fears are calmed on His presence.

  28. Great dream! The Lord has convicted me of talking more about the evil that satan is doing than the miracles the Lord is doing! Big churches packed in NYC on Sunday morning- hands raised in worship. Attended City serve last summer wher Luis Palau and other evangelists layer hands on mayor de lasso and prayed for him in front of a 20k plus crowd all there to worship the Lord. Sold out worship concerts around the city. Repentance in the hearts of my own family members in their twilight years- life’s saved, people healed- God is doing mighty things and we all talk about what satan is doing.

  29. Well said and if only a portion of that dream started, it would be great! Calming would start to heal, but turning to Gid would be the ultimate! Pence gave some positive direction through his words and especially with the kind demeanor tgat he projected.

  30. I would like to hear what Trump has planned more than just to make America great again. I don’t like all the negative jabs at Hillary, especially associating her with Lucifer.

  31. As I was reading through all the comments and replies, we all have one hope, the hope of a better tomorrow. Let us keep our eyes on what is unseen, for the unseen is eternal. Lord hear our prayers, In Jesus name Amen!

  32. Let us keep our eyes on what is unseen, for it is eternal. Lord hear our prayers, In Jesus name,Amen!

  33. With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible! Our Great God has a Great Plan! He is moving! He is showing Himself to us! He is worthy and deserves all of our faith in Him and our prayers to Him! Let’s pray for a mighty revival in this land we call America! We need JESUS!!! We need HIM desperately!

  34. I think it’s important to give God praise for the things He’s done and is doing rather than acting like nothing happened for the sake of a moving article. So far I’ve heard (before the convention) Trump say he’s going to repeal the Johnson ammendment for the sole purpose of our political religious voices to be heard without fear of recourse, Pence say that he’s first a Christian – then a conservative and a republican, and Ben Carson encouraging us to believe for a nation “under God” that honors God instead of the opposite. There’s also been several guest speakers that proclaimed their heart for the Lord.

  35. All things are possible thru Christ and as I read this I could pictures a move so Great by God that the most stubborn of hearts can be changed thru Jesus. Oh how I long for better and will keep the thought of your dream near my heart.God bless this country and the human race that must live together in it.

  36. I heard Mike Pence say that he believed that God can heal our land.

    Also, I have noticed that when people refer to 2CH 7:14 as Max does above, they often leave out this piece,; “turn from their wicked ways”.
    The scripture in it’s entirety reads; “[2Ch 7:14 KJV] 14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    Might I suggest we as the Church stop our bickering, slander, malice gossip and the like…..

  37. How awesome would that be? Perhaps you can Tweet a link to this page to Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton?

  38. Max thank you for your healing words and your dream for our Country ~ America ~ to be united and love God again !!! It all starts with a dream – thank you for going across America and sharing your dream. I will being praying for your safety and for God to open up hearts everywhere you go. Thank you for letting people know God’s loving truth “If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

    If you take God out of anyone – or any nation – it’s becomes barbaric. People start hurting and hating each other. Mercy and justice become hard to find in their country. Their nation becomes divided. That nation soon falls – sometimes God sends a nation into exile (Israel and Judah) – sometimes he obliterates it (Babylon) – sometimes a nation repents and is saved (Nineveh).

    When we look at Israel in the Old Testament – because they forgot God it was divided into the Northern and Southern Kingdom – Israel and Judah. It’s a great example God gives us of what happens when a nation abandons God. I have been reading Jeremiah and Daniel – where Israel and Judah are sent into captivity and Jerusalem is utterly destroyed. What amazes me is not Israel and Judah’s destruction – they were sacrificing their children to idols and had become a violently barbaric society. What is amazing is God wanting to heal them and His faithful love to them through their sin – madness !! God so many times tried to save Jerusalem. God in His amazing love told Jeremiah he would not let Jerusalem be conquered by the Babylonians if Judah repented – it didn’t. Then the Lord out of Love told Jeremiah if Judah would only submit to Babylon’s authority He would not let Jerusalem be conquered – it didn’t. I may need a Bible scholar to help me with exact dates – but the Lord did not allow Jerusalem to be totally ransacked and destroyed by the Babylonian’s for 10-15 years. Most think Jerusalem’s destruction happened overnight – it didn’t. We should teach that more because it shows God’s great love !! God is so merciful he gave Judah years and years to repent. In the end they underwent 2 exiles to Babylon before God totally destroyed Jerusalem.

    God’s amazing love and care for Israel can be seen throughout it’s exile to Babylon – including the number of prophets he sent to help Israel before and during the exile – Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel to name a few. That’s a pretty all star line-up. Daniel also became ruler of all the province of Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar and the Jewish people prospered in Babylon. Daniel with his wisdom and goodness helped Nebuchadnezzar become one of the greatest King’s of all time. Nebuchadnezzar in a miracle was converted and came to know and love God !! God can do anything !!

  39. Is it not possible that V. P. nominee Mike Pence, conservative Christian who puts Christ first in his life, was placed in the V.P. position to bring Trump to Christ? Who would have a better opportunity?

    This is my dream and prayer:
    I can only imagine Mike Pence and Jesus in the Oval Office, interceding to the Father as the Holy Spirit draws Trump unto our Father God and Jesus Christ. Trump is touched by the Holy Spirit , fully understands what he’s doing as he gives his heart, in total, to Jesus. Proof that with God all things are possible!

    As Trump begins to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, people see an obvious change in Trump’s life….
    People start asking, “What’s the deal with Trump?… a new, improved Trump.”
    And the doors fly open for sharing the gospel.
    What a witness Trump’s new life could be!!!

    Possibly Trump has come THIS FAR because God has a bigger plan for Donald’s life, a plan that will be a surprise to even Donald himself.

    Hopefully that scenario will actually come to pass in this election.

    I’m voting for Trump with the hope and expectation that after this election a true and real “Christian Trump” will emerge to bring about God’s plan to “Make America Great Again!! “

  40. God is in control and His will is always done. But remember, a Republican will put the right supreme judge in. Who are we or you to judge!

  41. I am curious if you have a problem with Hillary’s decency factor? It’s amazing that you wrote about Trump, but are quiet about Hillary’s shortcomings.

  42. As a Christian author you have a huge responsibility to promote biblical values, especially in this current time of turmoil of violence, destruction, world violence and morals that have declined rapidly in the past several years. I do not even understand how, Mr Lucado, how you can even expect Clinton and Trump to sit down and agree when their views could not be further apart.
    I base my political views on the right to life. That is my start. Then I base it on the family – just starting with those two issues it is clear that in the past 8 years things have declined greatly. the Black Lives Matter Group that promotes violence against our police; The horrible mishandling of Benghazi that resulted in tbe tragic death of 4
    Americans who SHOULD of been prevented by Obama AND Hillary but instead covered up THEIR negligence with lies and inadequacy… How about the LIES told by Hillary regarding her careless And negligent handling of her top secret emails that put our country in great danger???
    How can YOU as a huge Christian man and author who reaches millions even begin to question the republican nominee when they promote life; protect life; both with the unborn and those who are already born?
    I am a 47 year old Christian mother of 4. Our country is in turmoil on every level. Do I believe God is in charge? Absolutely. But I also believe we as His children have a great responsibility to promote His Biblical values and truths ESPECIALLY during these times. Hillary and Obama do NOT protect the unborn, they do NOT protect the family, they have greatly weakened our military and do not at all promote biblical beliefs.
    I am bothered by your stance and respectfully if there are things you do not agree with regarding Donald Trump, I say look past the trivial matters that you oppose. Sure he can be a loose cannon, sure he says things at times that may be insensitive…. But look at his heart to protect this country. Look to his guiding values then look at Hillary’s. Then get down on your knees and open your heart to what God tells you.
    With all of my heart, I do not understand how you can doubt the leader that God would choose for this country. The country that was founded by Christian founding fathers – how far, Mr Lucado, have we traveled away from those guiding principals?
    If you would speak out responsibly and base your beliefs more like Dr Tony Evans promotes, I believe you will be right in line with the teachings of our loving Jesus Christ, my master and teacher.

  43. And one more thing – why do you think there is anger, and blaming and name calling at the republican convention? Are you aware of the great increase in violence, the rapid and tremendous growth of Isis; the influx of bombings by radical Muslims all over the world; transgender equality; destruction of the family… You bet the Republican Party is angry… The past 8 years has been a huge spiraling downward AWAY from the teachings of God and any kind of morality. Angry??! Try furious. And I think if Jesus Christ walked in this country today, he also would be angry. Remember the temple when people were selling things? Jesus stood up for the weak; he fought for morals and treating each other with love and respect.
    I have a huge problem with your flippant writing during this time of great upheaval and unrest. I expect more…

  44. I was at the LA Forum on my knees with a few thousand brothers and sisters praying with you. I’m pushing 70 and I’ve been to rally’s and retreats, conferences and convocations most of my life and I’ve never felt a movement of the Holy Spirit like Worship in America. Sometimes I question God’s wisdom in giving man the freedom to reject The Way, The Truth and The Life. Yet will I trust Him. Thank you for sharing Max. I always look forward to your daily encouragements.

  45. Nice dream. I personally as many Americans feel this election is not about party but about our Country surviving. I also did not find any comfort in your story about your dream and especially the fact you leave your followers no guidance or direction accept your fantasy. You do not acknowledge or validate to them or point out the consequent of not using their God given right to vote and chose a leader of the country. You forgot God gave us a brain and the ability to make choices hopefully using intelligence in doing so. You forgot to mention (but then you are young) the price, privilege and gift of living in America. The responsibility is OURS to protect America and its God given FREEDOMS as our founding fathers intended. We are BLESSED and HONORED to live in America. LAND OF THE FREE. I am appalled at your lack of leadership as a pastor and a citizen of this country to ignore urging your followers to VOTE FOR THEIR FREEDOM and to protect their rights and the constitution of this country. You must have slept during the RNC embracing the policy of wanting God to be put back in our schools and statement of Mr Trump for Christ to be put back in Christmas, you must have slept through the prayer at the end of each day and you completely missed the message. America First meaning freedom and justice for ALL people of ALL races, religions, gender, color, creed to go back to our Foundation to make us One Nation Under God. You slept throught that!! YOU do not point out the corruption and evilness we have endured for 8 years of Obama and did not mention would continue with Hillary Rodham Clinton!!!!! You told your FOLLOWERS your dream with no answers or guidance or leadership. SHAME ON YOU SIR. How in the name of God would anyone in their right mind choose and lead their followers to a known killer, liar and thief that has been a traitor to our country with no morals, principals integrity OR heart?

  46. I agree with many Max! What a great dream! “With men this is impossible;but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26. I was on your Alaska cruise and have been enjoying your daily devotionals! God Bless you and Denalyn!

  47. I watched the GOP convention begin with a prayer. I was encouraged. I heard many “God bless…” comments. I was encouraged. I believe prayers have been going towards this for the last several years. Your dream is interesting because it seems to me that for past several elections both sides were saying the same thing so voting didn’t seem to matter. But this year – I think, this year the two choices are clearly 180 degrees from each other. I am enjoying our freedom to vote in the USA and the process is great. I am continuing my prayers and will watch to see where, if at all, God fits into this week’s convention.

  48. Max, thank you for your words of continual Godly wisdom. I grew up with your books on the coffee table and after moving to San Antonio I’ve been a member at one of the Oak Hills satellite churches for several years.

    I had to share one of those frequent Holy Spirit moments with you that just happened. After some of the ominous tone of this week’s convention, and feeling frustrated in the face of shouting matches until November, I went to bed last night tired without reading my Bible. Feeling much the same today, I just sat down and read what I should have read last night: Psalm 49. God still has a sense of humor, and it turns out he was just sitting there waiting for me to read that to feel comforted!

    In Him, Will

  49. I also had a dream many years ago that a man who looked like Donald Trump in fact it was Donald Trump was running through a school of learning with a huge dragon behind him. I then saw in the gardens outside a black snake so we chopped its head off it was so evil and scary then I saw a white snake but we couldn’t or didn’t chop its head off even though it was evil but it was deceptive as it was white.

  50. @MAXLUCADO – I had same dream. I am a faithful member of OAK HILLS CHURCH – NORTH CENTRAL. Me and my 4 kids will be in the front row at CROWNRIDGE campus TODAY. Not sure which service yet; will be child dependent. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook @nobwildtree

  51. I cannot support either candicate WIDE AWAKE on their character alone. I have prayerfully weighed the issues and read the book “The Daniel Prayer” by Anne Graham Lotz. And I am praying for the answer to our country be in our humble prayers for the leader of God’s choice. Today I believe neither candicate is a Bible living/believing/upholding member of the Christian faith; but one does show more of a kinship (black sheep of the family) than the other. I will vote for Donald Trump because I believe we had tried politician and perhaps a true business man can turn our country around.

  52. All things are possible, the lion and the lamb. I get it. I’m just really convinced I would not want to be a part of whatever those two individuals could cook up and agree on together. I believe in my heart if it happened their plan would not be as beneficial to America or humanity as it would be to them personally.

  53. While delivering Bibles and Christian books to persecuted Christians in Soviet Bloc countries for 3 years during the 1980’s, we prayed daily that the walls would fall. I didn’t think I would see it happen in my lifetime. I am now humbled seeing what God has done. He WILL do more than we think or ask, so let’s believe and ask!!

  54. If they do, they are both guilty of a conspiracy. I read that GOD is who puts leaders in office. Also they are both two power hungry, greatly opposing ideas. I disagree. However, maybe the Holy Spirit is urging you to negotiate with someone. I believe your dream was most likely concerning you.

  55. How can a Pastor compare the two candidates.
    Hillary for abortion Trump opposed
    Hillary wealth from selling out America, Trump actually creates private sector jobs
    Hillary email scandels, sells uranium to Russia, Supports liberal judges, is anti second amendment, Black Lives Matter, NWO, Obama-care, letting more Syrians in the US, DNC scandel with overtones of fixed election, high speaking fees for political favor, Saudi Arabia finance to campaign . How can u compare her to Trump’s calling her out . Trump invited Pastors to meet w him and to ask open questions

  56. Do not “be” of either party…DO look for what Jesus wants us to do for: this planet, the people…(environment, elderly, education)…(stewards of the earth, caring for our old & poor, education of our youth). Are not these the same Jesus asked us to do? Now you know where to put your vote, along with prayer.

  57. When i read it from the beginning to the end, i never saw anything impossible that isn’t possible in what you have written down. A God of possibility is whom we serve and i strongly believe its more than possible like a carmel going through the eye of a needle. Am not an American but a Nigerian and my pray is that every part of the world shall experience such a divine intervention including America in Jesus name (Amen).

  58. Wouldn’t it be great if we had someone to choose that had actually built a business? Maybe a person that wasn’t beholden to special interest groups or lobbyists? And if they would be pro-life, assure us that they would appoint Supreme Court justices in the mold of Antonin Scalia, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Oh, I also would want to once again have a President who understood the danger of radical Islam. And it would be great if they were going to be reticent to engage us in non-critical foreign wars while we straighten up the mess here in the USA? Hmm … maybe my dream is a reality & I’d be a fool to hand wring myself into squander this opportunity to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  59. Wow. I’m not an American but I do love America. That should be the prayer of all those who “know Christ and want to make him known”.
    What a grand sight. For thus surely is what the America needs.

  60. Read Ez 13 Max. When pastors are deceived it is prophetic . Just go and sell books and our nation out to corruption Max. Jesus e pects you to be a leader not deceiver

  61. I am so Bless to have a pastor that tell us to vote according to the word of God. No one is without sin. But if you are a Christian and believe God forgives us. Then why would you judge a brother in Christ for what he ha done in his past. Yes Donald Trump has accepted the Lord. He is what we would call a baby christian. But also God has used heathens in the past . He even used a donkey. How can you say you are a christian and not vote for Christians issue’s. look at what the party stand for and make a choice . The choice was easy for to do because i actually believe in the word of God. Issues like abortion. same sex marriage. judges in the supreme court that are conservative, these are issue that your vote depends on. Not on the man or the woman. If we the church would have done our job we would be in a very different place right know. Please join in pray, fast and vote let God guide you through prayer and his word. I have a very Godly Pastor and i thank God for him.

    Maybe you can see the
    Mark Taylor’s Prophecy received from the Lord, April 28, 2011, and shared days ago on TRUNews

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