When Storms Come, Hold On To Hope

We saw the storm coming. While it was still days away, the predictions chilled our spines and jolted our complacency. “It’s a monster!” “Disaster is not only at our doorstep, it’s coming in!”

Now it arrives and will it be as vast and terrible as advertised? It promises to pounce, then sit and sit upon vast swaths of our coastland – drenching, driving, and destroying so much of what we love.

Many on the East Coast are fleeing the flooding. And as images of destruction begin to roll across our screens, we are all tempted to worry, wonder and fret. What can be done? Where is God in the midst of this disaster? Where is he in the midst of the storm that threatens your own life?

May I remind us of one strong anchor that is hooked to at least four unbreakable lifelines? You see, God is a God of promises. From the first chapter of the Bible, Scripture makes a case for the dependability of God. Nine times the text reiterates “God said.” And without exception when God spoke, something happened. By divine fiat there were light, land, beaches, and creatures. We are left with one conclusion: God’s word is sure and his promises can be trusted. What he says happens.

After 40 years in ministry I’ve seen a lot of storms. And I’ve learned that in turbulent times like this, there is nothing more secure than the anchor of God’s promises. “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure” (Hebrews 6:19).

Could you use some hope in the aftermath of this storm, and in other choppy seas you may be facing? Perhaps the wind of change and challenge is blowing in your faith, your family, or finances. Anchor deep into the unshakable promises of God.

And hold on tight to these four lifelines – they can withstand the waves of worry and difficulty in your life.

Hang tight, God gets you! He’s been there. He’s been here – and he understands your pain. The stunning idea is simply this: God, for a time, became one of us. Does this promise matter? If you ever wonder if God listens, he does.  If you ever wonder if the Uncreated Creator can, in a million years, comprehend the challenges you are facing, then ponder long and hard the promise that Jesus is “able to understand our weaknesses” (Hebrews 4:15).

Overcome Despair with Prayer. When life overwhelms, pray to the one who is in charge, and know that he is praying for you. Will God do what you ask? Perhaps. Or perhaps he will do more than you imagine. Stand firmly on the promise that “when a believing person prays, great things happen” (James 5:16). And ponder this truth: Jesus, right now, at this moment, in the midst of whatever trouble you are facing, is speaking on your behalf. He is calling out to the Heavenly Father. He is advocating for a special blessing to be sent your way. You do not fight the wind and waves alone. Every day he speaks up for you. “He always lives to intercede for [us]” (Romans 8:34).

Pull together when life comes apart. In times of extreme challenge we can divide or we can unite. One of the beautiful things that can emerge from times of trouble is extravagant compassion and care for our neighbors – crossing lines and building bridges. Our pain bears fruit if it reminds us that everyone has value, and we were created by God, in God’s image, for God’s glory (Genesis 1:26).

Evil exists, but it does not win! Yes, we’d rather have a storm-free life, but we can count on the devil stirring up trouble and fear. Take heart, God has overcome! Satan’s days are numbered. So in those moments when all that is good appears to lose, you do not need to worry. Remind the evil one,  “The God who brings peace will soon defeat Satan and give you power over him” (Romans 16:20).

Hold fast to these lifelines and ask yourself this key question: Is what I’m anchored to stronger than what I’ll go through? Sometimes it may be a calamity that thousands are facing together, or it may be a personal battle that no one else even knows you are dealing with. But God knows. He knows and he cares. And he wants to buoy you in the day-to-day difficulties and guide you home to safe harbor. When the storm hits, anchor to no one but God.

Storms will come, my friend. But when they do, filter them through the promises of God. And since his promises are unbreakable, your hope will be unshakable.

© Max Lucado, September 2018

34 comments on “When Storms Come, Hold On To Hope

  1. This encouragement you offer us can be used many times over.

    Thank you for reminding us we serve The Great God I Am who always covers us even when we don’t realize how much we need His covering!

  2. Greatly appreciate this encouragement. It’s so appropriate for current events but more than that, it’s timeless. God is our Anchor and His promises are sure!

  3. Max;
    thank you, I am a new pastor of 18 months. we started a new program to draw youth from our rural eastern kentucky community. we partnered with Centershot Ministries. this uses a wordless Bow to help teach Salvation through the blood shed of Jesus christ. I was so excited. Youth are coming and we have the opportunity to sow the good Seed! However Satan was unhappy, his weapon is to steal away our Children. Most surprisingly some Christians began to complain about the time the program was taking. Some even complained the Spouse now had to much on their plate because of the new Youth program. Good senior Christians were concerned that I should be giving this time to them.Spiritual wave against the Church are Growing higher and higher. Winds of destruction blow hard against real Church Growth. Thank you for these word of HOPE

  4. This is encouraging as I am currently facing storms. Thank you Lord for reminding me who my anchor is through this.

  5. Thanks, Max! Facing some storms in my life right now – but my God is bigger and will take care of me! Should read this daily.

  6. I have a question. This morning when I was praying for all those in the midst of hurricane Florence I had a thought come to me. All the people who have evacuated and are far away and safe are still scared, worrying, crying and fearful. Why? One of the greatest fears of us humans is ‘the unknown’. What will they be going back to; friends that have died, a house no longer there, homes covered in water damage, their children’s school closed due to extensive damage, many fears. My thought was, did Jesus ever experience the fear of the unknown? He experienced many things he didn’t want to go through even to the point of asking God “to take this cup from Me”. However, He still knew exactly what was going to happen. Jesus has known from the beginning of time everything that is going to happen so how could He experience the fear of the unknown? I know the Word instructs us how and why to overcome fear it just struck me that fear of the unknown is something He could never experience.

  7. Storms has been a part of our lives as children of God and it will continue to be, but the question is “Will your anchor hold in the storms of life”? The hope in Christ will let your anchor hold no matter how tough the storms are

  8. I will share your great encouragement with all the people around me during this uncertain time. Yes, God is a loving God. He knows our pain, and He is in control. I need to memorize His promises that you mentioned to be more effective in reaching out to others for Christ. Thank you for your timely message.

  9. Amen thank you so much Father God for your daily love, devotion, and many blessings for each one of us. You are righteous and loving Amen

  10. Amen thank you so much Father God for your daily love, devotion, and many blessings for each one of us. You are righteous and loving Amen

  11. I am having a hard time right now. I was fired after three weeks. I was not given a chance. I was talked about negative from day one. But I did not give up. I know Jesus will provide and I will get a better job. I still believe and holding on to my faith.

  12. As one living through the hurricane and it seems it just want quit. Thank you for word of encouragement.

  13. Yes indeed… The Carolinas may need to be still in the eye of the storm knowing that the ever-loving and caring God will never leave them nor forsake them inspite of the conditions.

  14. Reminds e of your book: “In the Eye of the Storm”. It reduced me to tears, especially when you spoke about how ‘Chippie’ was ‘sucked up, washed up, and blown over’ I was in a storm 20 years ago. It was as bleak as bleak could be. By this comment, I am well and truly out the other side of it. Thank you for that book Max. Two points that really resonate with me: “Hang Tight, God Gets You!”, and “Evil Exist, But it Does Not Win!”

  15. Max what a gift you have! I thank God for you and your obedience. These words have ministered to me today and I praise Him who sees and cares and knows. So thankful for you and the Holy Spirit teaching and encouraging me in my struggle to trust Him more.

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