Worried Enough to Pray

Last week’s blog struck a nerve. I wrote a piece entitled “Decency for President.” The premise was a simple one. Shouldn’t a presidential candidate who claims to be Christian talk like one? When a candidate waves a Bible in one speech and calls a reporter “bimbo” in the next, isn’t something awry? Specifically, when Donald Trump insists that he is a Christian (“a good Christian” to use his descriptor) and then blasts, belittles, and denigrates everyone from Barbara Bush to John McCain to Megyn Kelly, shouldn’t we speak up?

If the candidate is not a Christian, then I have no right to speak. But if the candidate does what Trump has done, wave a Bible and attempt to quote from it, then we, his fellow Christians need to call him to at least a modicum of Christian behavior, right?

Again, I struck a nerve. More than three million of you read the article in the first 36 hours! Thousands of you weighed in with your comments. They were fascinating to read. (Not all of them pleasant to read, mind you. The dozens of you who told me to stick to the pulpit and stop meddling in politics– I get it. By the way, I’d like to invite you to attend our services. My upcoming message is “Kindness”.) Detractors notwithstanding, your comments were heartfelt and passionate.

I detected a few themes.

You have a deep sense of love for our country. Patriotism oozed through your words. You cherish the uniqueness and wonder of the USA. You have varying opinions regarding leadership style, role of government, and political strategy. But when it comes to loving the country, you are unanimously off the charts.

You have an allergy to “convenient” Christians. You resist people who don the Christian title at convenient opportunities (i.e., presidential campaigns). You would prefer the candidate make no mention of faith rather than leave the appearance of a borrowed faith that will be returned to the lender after the election.

You are concerned, profoundly concerned, about the future of our country. The debt. Immorality. National security. The role of the Supreme Court. Immigration. Religious liberty. The list is as long as the worries are deep.

So where does this leave us? When a person treasures the country, but has trepidation about its future, what is the best course of action?

Elijah can weigh in on this question.

He lived during one of the darkest days in the history of Israel. The Northern Kingdom had 19 kings, each one of whom was evil. Hope had boarded the last train and optimism the final flight. The leaders were corrupt and the hearts of the people were cold. But comets are most visible against the black sky. And in the midst of the darkness, a fiery comet by the name of Elijah appeared.

The name Elijah means, “My God is Jehovah.” And he lived up to his name. He appeared in the throne room of evil King Ahab with a weather report. “‘As the LORD, the God of Israel, lives, whom I serve, there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except at my word’” (1 Kings 17:1).

Elijah’s attack was calibrated. Baal was the fertility god of the pagans, the god to whom they looked for rain and fertile fields. Elijah called for a showdown: the true God of Israel against the false god of the pagans. How could Elijah be so confident of the impending drought? Because he had prayed.

Eight centuries later the prayers of Elijah were used as a model.

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. Elijah was a human being, even as we are. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years. Again he prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops” (James 5:16-18).

James was impressed that a prayer of such power came from a person so common. Elijah was “a human being” but his prayers were heard because he prayed earnestly. This was no casual prayer, comfortable prayer, but a radical prayer. “Do whatever it takes, Lord,” Elijah begged, “even if that means no water.”

What happened next is one of the greatest stories in the Bible. Elijah told the 450 prophets of Baal: You get a bull, I’ll get a bull. You build an altar, I’ll build an altar. You ask your god to send fire; I’ll ask my God to send fire. The God who answers by fire is the true God.

The prophets of Baal agreed and went first.

“At noon Elijah began to taunt them. ‘Shout louder!’ he said. ‘Surely he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened.’

“So they shouted louder and slashed themselves with swords and spears, as was their custom, until their blood flowed. Midday passed, and they continued their frantic prophesying until the time for the evening sacrifice. But there was no response, no one answered, no one paid attention” (1 Kings 18:27-29).

(Elijah would have flunked a course in diplomacy.) Though the prophets cut themselves and raved all afternoon, nothing happened. Finally Elijah asked for his turn.

“Then Elijah said to all the people, ‘Come here to me.’ They came to him, and he repaired the altar of the LORD, which had been torn down. Elijah took twelve stones, one for each of the tribes descended from Jacob, to whom the word of the LORD had come, saying, ‘Your name shall be Israel’” (1 Kings 18:30-31).

Elijah poured four jugs of water (remember, this was a time of drought) over the altar three times. Then Elijah prayed.

“LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and have done all these things at your command.   Answer me, LORD, answer me, so these people will know that you, LORD, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again” (1 Kings 18:36-37).

Note how quickly and dramatically God answered.

“Then the fire of the LORD fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench. When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, ‘The LORD—he is God! The LORD—he is God!’” (1 Kings 18:38-39).

“Pow!” the altar was ablaze. God delighted in and answered Elijah’s prayer. God delights in and answers our prayers as well.

Let’s start a fire, shall we?

If your responses to my blog are any indication, you are anxious. You love this country, yet you are troubled about the future. You wonder what the future holds and what we can do. Elijah’s story provides the answer. We can pray. We can offer earnest, passionate prayers.

It’s time to turn our concerns into a unified prayer. Let’s join our hearts and invite God to do again what he did then; demonstrate His power. Super Tuesday, March 1, is the perfect day for us to step into the presence of God.

Dear Lord,

You outrank any leader. You hold sway over every office. Greater is the occupant of Heaven’s throne than the occupant of the White House.

You have been good to this country. You have blessed us in spite of our sin and guarded us in spite of our rebellion.

We unite our hearts in one prayer. Let your kingdom come. Let your will be done. Please, speak through the electoral process to reveal your leader.

This we pray in the name of Jesus,


© Max Lucado
February 29, 2016

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239 comments on “Worried Enough to Pray

  1. I love your book and have respected you for decades but where were you over the past 7 years when this present administration was doing everything to erode our rights and values. Donald Trump is far from perfect. I know you have read the bible… If he is anointed by God for this time to speak against all the wrongs and have no one in his hip pocket because he has not taken any finances from them then doesn’t he at least deserve another chance. I hope you are not one who says he will vote for a liar or socialist over someone who God wants to use. Praying that you hear a clear word from Gid and write about if it different to what you have already written. Bless you

  2. Thank you so much for speaking out on this & giving us hope & direction in what seems to be a bleak time. God bless you.

  3. You truely are a man of God and I am proud to have the opportunity to stand with you in prayer. I know we as Christians stand for the right according to the bible it will bring persecution in all kinds of ways. Like Elijah there are thousands of others who stand with you so be encouraged. The Lord Himself will protect and meet your needs in surprising ways. May the Lord be ever close to you and your family as you speak truth no matter what happens.
    I know I’m just a small speck in Gods creation but i know He uses specks too. Thank you for your beautiful way with words God has already blessed you abundantly.

  4. If we don’t call out bad behavior from other Christians then we are no better than the world we are trying to convert. The main thing that bothers me about Trump is his not asking God for forgiveness and his reluctance to deny the KKK. I support your views 100%, not because they represent you, but because it is God’s word.

  5. Thank you for your boldness. I am praying this prayer fervently asking God’s mercy on our nation. Bless you.

  6. Very good comments brother I’ll personally that I’m not in that election but trumps attitude has improved a little until they make fun of his hands in his ears and a fox said that might start up paperwork back-and-forth so I think that’s harm us if you might if I thought you had big ears it’s foolish but it may serve some purpose

  7. Thank you so much for your boldness in speaking out. I have been mystified at the number of religious leaders who have endorsed Mr. Trump. I have yet to see him give any real answers to our problems and cannot understand his popularity (and yes, I am a Republican!)

  8. Max! I have read several of your books and also read your blog last week and have to agree with you. It is better to leave your bible in the drawer, than to thump it on the podium and posture behind it, while not abiding by the words in it.

    And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Matthew 6:5-6

  9. We have to pray together for GOD to be put back into the White House and take control of our country’s

  10. I so pray that God will answer this pray. I want a great country for my grandchildren and great grandchildren, etc. One that honors God and others. I appreciate your commentary.

  11. Thank you for reaching out and sharing God’s word. I believe with all my heart you are so right on. You said how I feel that’s for sure. Prayers for our country for protection from evil that’s trying to destroy what our country was built on. Praise God for men like you.

  12. My heart has been greatly lifted by this reminder of the power of prayer! We are not hopeless nor helpless with a great God like ours! I will pray and not faint!
    Thank you for your encouragement!

  13. Inspiring…Let all pray as God does answer His children’s prayers,not in our time but in His as it should be. I have many of your books and love them but to me best book is The Bible. I just wish more people read it and looked there always for answers from God. In times of severe trouble I find Psalms a good place to start. God bless

  14. I and many others thank you so very much, We all need to pray this prayer for our Country. Thank you Rev. Lucado, I will pray for our Country every day for the good & honest leader that God will give us.. I will also share & hope that everyone who reads this will also share. Thank you & God Bless you …

  15. Thank you so very much for sharing your heart. I have shared your two previous blogs, and promise to continue with you in prayer for this country. Your writing last week shared my heart! I know He is in control whatever the outcome, but in my heart of hearts pray that He will hear our prayers concerning theses candidates.

  16. I pray with you this pray. I know God will honor His people. Thank you Max Lucado for speaking out. I believe Satan has filled us so full of his lies that we believe we can do nothing to stop the trend of a Trump victory. We can do the best thing and Pray and Believe.

  17. Max,
    God has blessed you with a wonderful way of words- I thank God for your wisdom and I like the prayer- one of my favorites John 14:27
    You have a way of touching people’s hearts-
    And although I am sure God has already told you- He has this thing.. The presidency, Donald trump… You did what was write and called him out on the foundation of his faith- and according to the God and the bible we are to correct our brothers and sisters in a loving way- you did just that-
    Donald- Is human- and needs correction like the rest of us- I’m glad to see that you are a true man of faith- living their faith-
    God bless you & keep you

  18. Thank you Mr. Lucado for again shooting straight with American Christians. As I read this article, I could feel the Spirit of the living God speaking through you! Amen and Amen.

  19. So thankful that you have suggested something concrete for us to do — I will be praying tomorrow, March 1, in company with (hopefully) thousands of others and will trust that God will hear and respond.

  20. Oh dear! I’m going to be 80 y.o. next birthday, and I can’t remember a time when I’ve been more concerned about our country. So much hate and discontent. Lies seem to flow freely from each of the ones wanting to be “boss” of our beloved United States. If only they would be truthful, in every respect. Win on their own merit, instead of fabricated half truths, and colorful lies about their opponents. I am at a loss as to who to vote for. I may just use the old trick, eene, meene, miney, moe! My chance for getting it right would be the same as me stressing over what they each have sworn they’ll do! I’m inclined to pencil in Pinocchio as my candidate of choice! At least we’d be able to tell when HE TOLD A LIE!

  21. I am praying for wisdom in choosing the person who will lead our land. I will continue to pray. I don’t know what God’s plan is for our country at this time but I know He is in control so I will trust Him in all things.

  22. God bless you for standing up for what you believe is right and I so agree with you. Granted, we don’t have much to choose from but I pray God will help us elect the best of the worst. May God have mercy on what was once the greatest nation in the world.

  23. So you want to bash somebody that possibly God has raised up for such a time as this and yet you said nothing for eight years when Obama has ruined this nation doesn’t make sense to me. Throughout the Bible God has used unlikely men to save nations. Maybe we should ask him before we make such judgments.

  24. Max, for years I have loved your books, the way you express yourself and your daily devotions. I need to tell you honestly what I feel about your comments about the upcoming election for a new President of the USA.
    Wouldn’t it have been more Christian of you to keep your judgments of Donald Trump to yourself, unless you also would have written about the dark secrets or character flaws of the rest of the electorates? I know they have them, don’t we all have skeletons in our past? Donald is not the only one slinging dirt at the rest, they all do that to each other, though maybe in a less colourful way. Even good old Jeb Bush allowed himself to be pulled into the mud-slinging attacks!
    I realize you, like everyone else, are entitled to your opinions…I just feel, in this political criticism, that you, with your many Christian followers, are using your notoriety to denounce one, only, of the men running for President. My thoughts have always been that Church and State should not intermingle and that we, as Christians are to leave the political placement of leaders to our countries, in God’s hands. Chapter 13 of Romans instructs us all on how we are to obey the Gov’t, for God placed it there. Titus 3: 1-2; 9 also tells us exactly how God wants us, as Christians, to obey His counsel. We shouldn’t quarrel, criticize or waste our time in foolish discussions about spiritual pedigrees! The judgement is God’s alone; our opinions are ours but must be expressed only in up-lifting others or to correct members in our Churches from their wrong doings that are a stumbling block to others in the Faith.

    My concern is this…do you not have faith that the next President of the USA will be God-appointed? I think I know that you would say, “most assuredly, I do.” Then, leave the politics to politicians and keep up your good job as a spiritual teacher.
    I want the person elected who is chosen by God. God knows how He wants the political powers to direct the world…I definitely want everything to go according to His Will so that we can be brought that much closer to Jesus’ return.

  25. Thank you Max. I am praying for our county and hope that many others are as well. I appreciate that Franklin Graham has asked believers to sign a pledge to pray and is visiting all 50 state capitals asking for that commitment from fellow Christians.

  26. Right on point… As always we complain and criticized and complain some more but we don’t do our part; which as real Cristian should be doing “praying”

  27. Amen! I was taken to Ezekiel 22 today. Let’s pray in agreement that God will place the one person in the white house that will stand in the gap for the USA just as Moses did for Israel in exodus 32:9-14. Before it’s too late.

  28. I have been praying that the light of God’s truth may shine through Christians across our country and that our love of country may include love for the people of this land. And I add to that my prayer that decency may prevail.

  29. Max,

    Thank you for your insightful and uplifting words. I think far too many people like to complain about things but never do anything about it. This prayer is the best thing we can do for our country! We are blessed to live in the greatest nation in the world and as Christians we need to shine the light of God’s love on the people who are our neighbors. I will be praying along with you.

    Jesse Barnett

  30. Thank you. Your words from God’s word helps in understanding and praying I have been doing for years about our government and its leaders. I also pray that we – all of us can combine our efforts and pray harder than before on March 1. I believe God hears our prayers and if we have a united effort, He will change the course. We can only try. He will answer, He will make us wait, or He will say His grace is sufficient. But we must do our part. Biblically based opinions are the only ones I read with yours being the forefront. Thank you again.

  31. Thanks for always bringing us back to Gods truth and revelation through his word never stoop to the low tactics of carnal politicians that exploit human weaknesses like racism and sexism and always shine his light to expose them

  32. Thank you for your leadership through these posts!

    I wrote a similar post last week on the role parents play in electing a president for their children. I believe we have a great responsibility in who we desire to influence our family.

    As a pastor, I find it very interesting that people want us to speak into their life about what God says about marriage, finances, parenting, and the wide variety of life topics, but then want us to be silent about those same principles and truths in relation to politics and choosing our leaders. I am(and have been) praying!

  33. I will certainly pray tomorrow, Mar. 1. For our country and that God will raise up His man. Tell me this why are people so against a man or woman who believes and stands for God? No one is pushing YOU to believe their way. Do you enjoy, drugs, murder, rape, crooks, thieves? Good MORAL believers don’t. I think just good moral people don’t like living with it either.

  34. Make no mistake this country is more secularized and more anti Christianity. Desperate Evangelical Christian seeking their earthly savior, they might find one in Donald Trump. But they will lose their light and saltiness to the world. With delight the world look at what a Presidential Candidate Evangelical Christians support is more like one of their own.
    If we truly believe that God’s word and principles never change, we will always vote for our values, our principles and Characters of Christ no matter what is the circumstances and whether the candidate we support can win the election or not. We should show the world what we stand for. Are we willing to obey God and leave all consequences to Him? In a secularized world don’t expect we will win unless God show up. But take heart and thanks to God, our hope is not rest upon who will be our next president, our hope will be on Our Lord Jesus Christ Alone. He has already won and overcome the world. Be ready more persecution are coming. Only then we can know whether we have true faith or not.

  35. I wrote an entire comment about why you should do a total review of Hillary (and Bill)
    from Arkansas until now. She is not fit to hold any public office let alone POTUS. Their morals, bribes, lies and history – and let us not forget Bengahzi and public display of sexual indecency makes me sick to my stomach. This is Christian???
    As a follower of your daily posts for years and your books you personally did a big turn off on me. Christianity is fair and you did a great job to sway the election by your column whether intended or not. Some will vote for her, just because she is a woman and she is not any woman I would want any of my children, grandchildren –
    male or female to follow. She sickens me to look at her when I know the things she has done.

    Sorry if this offends you, but it is truly my belief you were out of line as a minister and leader of our nation. This nation needs a leader and we should pray that GOD knows which one he has chosen.

  36. Thank you for saying the things so many of us are feeling. We see our country slipping away from us and we are anxious and fearful. It is time Christians put into practice the things we have heard for many years— PRAY as never before. I believe God is waiting to see how much we really believe Him. He has all the power, not politicians !

  37. Thank you Max. You hit the nail on the Head. I will be praying , hope the 3 million people who read your blog will be also. I’m very humbled by the way you handled this. Can’t come to San Antonio this Sunday. My father goes to your Church and when I visit him I’ll be there. Come to Bellevuewhen you can 3 John 2
    We are Set Apart for God


  38. Cruz and Rubio are NOT acting like christIans either. I do not support Trump but am more ashamed on the other two.

  39. Thank you for writing this! “You shall know them by their fruit,” has been running through my mind as I’ve watched the candidates this campaign season. Having a true man (or woman) of faith as our president is very, very important to me. However, I would rather have an honest candidate who admits to not being very religious (a C & E Christian), than have someone like you said, has “borrowed” faith. If a candidate will claim to be a Christian, but their words and actions don’t reflect that, what else are are they claiming to be, that they are not? I am grateful for your having the courage to write what you did and I will be praying that a truly godly man will be elected as president.

  40. Thank you Max, for both of the articles you have written. I stand with you, pray with you and believe with you, that our heavenly Father is the only way that this nation will be forgiven and blessed again. Blessing.

  41. Max you are my pastor, but you should been generic. All the candidates have areas that could be considered indecent. Decency in politics is a topic that preachers say, “I can preach that!” The last truly decent man that I voted for president was Jimmy Carter. Since man’s failure in the Garden of Eden governments and issues operate from a position of strength. We should not abuse this power or strength, but to keep order and peace it must be used. I truly believe that 9/11 would not have ocured if Bill Clinton would have acted from a position of strength following the 1993 WTC bombing and the USS Cole attack. I do not see Hillary acting from a position of strength. Therefore, please vote for the GOP nominee and remember that a conservative that does not vote is a vote for the Democrat candidates.

  42. Thank you Max Lucado for your comments from God’s Word. We all need to pray for our country and that those in power will allow God back into our schools, politics, and every day life. God bless you. Pat

  43. Thank you for this. I actually have avoided political type conversations because all they do is worry me.

    But out of that worry comes prayer. And out of prayer comes peace. God’s not blind to what’s happening here and how anxious we are, so I trust He will do what He intends to do for His glory.

    I’d always been told that in the midst of darkness, light shines brightest, but it was great to be reminded of a story within the Bible to illustrate that.

  44. Thank you for your call to prayer. If we Christians and our Christian leaders had been praying like we are instructed to do in 2 Chron.7:14 we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today. Unfortunately, most of us wait until we are about to drown before we call upon God. However, we need to remember that not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” is truly a Christian. We are in grave danger of being led into ‘strong delusion.’ Bless you for your words. May God have mercy upon our nation!

  45. Maxx I so appreciate the things that consume your heart and your faithful leadership! This morning I listened to a podcast message from a past Sunday message. The message was titled “When Jesus Freaked Out” addressing His actions to keep the temple where God’s Holy presence was worshipped separate from the daily world affairs that were now going on there. Your call to prayer over our country’s leadership has striking similarity! I will gladly join you in earnest prayer that God will act on our behalf so that He may be praised and glorified and we too would then be compelled to fall prostrate in heart felt worship! Thxx Maxx 🙂

  46. I so agree with you sir. I am sick and tired of hearing that each person is a Christian and then have to listen to them bad mouthing each other. Telling things as fact that are not true. I am ashamed that we have people under investigation of major wrong doings running for the office of President of the United States. There was a time when no one would have accepted such people as political candidates. People need to look at themselves and ask why would be so willing to accept such people as the political candidates of our country. Nothing will ever change until we begin to change what we are willing to accept as rulers of our country. God can provide a candidate that serves him in truth. We just need to ask him to provide that candidate.

  47. Thank you, Max Lucado, for being the Christian leader you are and for taking a stand for all of us. Your messages are a blessing to me every single day.

  48. While I appreciate what you have said here and agree with your prayer for God’s will to be revealed during this election process, I can’t help but wonder where you and other Christian pastors have been these last 7 years while Obama has been fundamentally transforming this nation we love so much. The destruction that has taken place over the last many years could not have succeeded (at least to the degree that it has) if the Church (many who are led by pastors who have remained silent and encouraged their congregations to do the same) had been the salt and light we are called to be in our culture – even in the political arena. That includes speaking up every time some godless new law/regulation etc. is shoved down our throat.
    Now we’re a mess and you pray for a messiah to step up to the plate and lead a very ungodly nation, who for the most part sees Christians as weak and ineffective because we have failed to fight for what we say we believe in and now think one man can rescue us.

  49. I totally resent your assumption that YOU know a Christian, and Trump is NOT one. Do you know Donald Trump personally? I remember your visit to Regent University while I was a student. You didn’t have time after your speech to answer any questions, when I wanted so badly to ask you about my work on my first novel. Donald Trump will one day celebrate his kept promises to America at the end of his eight years as President. I will celebrate with him. You will just shake your head, as confused as you are right now.

  50. Above all we need a Godly man in the White House. One that seeks God’s will for this country and not his or the people’s will. All the rest will fall into place has it should be. Maybe if we prayed for Trump to find Jesus and he has a true conversion of faith he would be the right man. “You are known for the fruit you bare” Trump does not bare much fruit at all. I am afraid a lot of people have been hoodwinked because he says the right things. The serpent got Eve doing just that.
    Both blogs were excellent.. 🙂

  51. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is still in Control…God puts them in office and God takes them out of office. Someone said,”don’t look at what I say; look at what I do” and “…follow the money — it is good advice; may God’s Will be accomplished in this presidential election. All it takes for “evil” to succeed is for good men to do nothing. Remember: Hitler was “voted in” by the people…and we know how that turned out. Bind them down with our Constitution God is NOT the author of confusion. Pray for the “right person” to be elected; yield to God’s direction, and VOTE!

  52. I hear people how they love your books, and yes I do to, but I love this comment because it challenges those that have the negative response to come ERNESTLY, COMPASSIONATELY to GOD and that is exactly what needs to be done. Not only from the people, but for our candidates. Yes,I do want the old America back, but an America that serves the one true God that can be put to the test and show the people, believers and non-believers who HE is. Thank you for standing strong and reaching out. God bless.

  53. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – One is with you Max. Love how you have stired the earth and breathed fresh air into us all. Time for all us to quit hiding behind words of hate, call the evil one on his terror he is spreading in our beloved country, and people, by us standing out and stoping it in our canidates, each other, God is Love, evil is evil. We all know who is loving, and yes we all know who is evil. It is our choice to follow one or the other and of course when we die that same freedom of our choice will be what we face God with when He says Well done my faithful servant and let the evil ones be taken by their follower and the lovers led to their reward also, our Great Love God the Father, Son, Spirit One. I know what I my choice is not just when I die but also this election choice evil one or loving one.

  54. Max, in Bible Study Fellowship we are studying Revelations and in that book we are urged to persevere and contend for God’s truth and our faith! Zechariah 8:16 says: THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU ARE TO DO. SPEAK THE TRUTH TO EACH OTHER, AND RENDER TRUE AND SOUND JUDGEMENT IN YOUR COURTS. (NIV).

    In these days of political correctness and as we see our Christian beliefs face opposition, I am happy to see that you are standing up for Christian values.

    God’s Blessings to you Max, and prays for our country!

  55. Amen!! My Family and I will be praying!

    Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord!
    Blessed are those who keep his testimonies,
    Who seek him with their whole heart,
    Who also do no wrong, but walk his ways!
    Psalm 119:1-3

  56. ” I invite you to attend our services. My upcoming message is on Kindness.” This why I love you as pastor, writer and human being. You always speak truth and you always do so with class. Thank you for speaking up! I agree 100%. Sharing the heck out of these posts!

  57. Why question one man’s decency and Christianity and not the other candidates decency and claim to Christianity. Now that Christians are praying for God’s choice to be revealed, what does it mean if Trump wins. Does that prove your standard of decency is wrong? God is the one who chose Samson, a man who liked to visit whores to deliver Israel. He also chose King David, a man who will commit adultery and murder a woman’s husband to hide his sin. God may have a different standard then the ones Christians like to impose on others.

  58. Amen!!

    Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord!
    Blessed are those who keep his testimonies,
    Who seek him with their whole heart,
    Who also do no wrong, but walk his ways!
    Psalm 119:1-3

  59. I know a dear, sweet person (who never belittles anyone) whose voice was permanently damaged by a mysterious illness. I can’t help begging God for a temporary laryngitis to afflict the voice of one who has so damaged the tone of the exchange of ideas and brought it to such a shameful level where name calling overrides productive thought. (surely this person deserves this disciplining more than my friend did…but God always provides the best answer when we least expect it).

  60. Amen! I have read that born again Christians are one of the lowest demographic groups of registered voters. I will be praying for their participation as well!

  61. Max – This is a tough line to walk – but I appreciate your boldness. As a believer, and father who is deeply concerned for the future of this country, I know that I can count on the Lord’s Sovereignty to get us through. No matter who is in the White House – and no matter what government may do or not do – it cannot change that we are protected by the great I Am. Let’s join together to ask God for His intervention. http://biblehub.com/matthew/6-26.htm

  62. I admire your position on this matter and thank you for speaking out. I read your initial post. A few of the things I thought about were: 1) Over the last 39 years that I have been able to vote, mutiple, multiple times as Christians along with “morally descent” people have voted for the descent guys. And on multiple, multiple times we have all been very disappointed with what ultimately happens in D.C. with regard for what is best for this country. 2) People have become very frustrated and, yes, angry at what is happening to this country as a whole by those in D.C. who seem to care more about their own personal gain than the people and future of this country. When people get angry, they do stupid stuff and make horrible decisions, hoping to find a solution. (Moses went up the mountain, Israelites got tire of waiting, Israelites did stupid stuff.) History is known to repeat itself. 3) Donald Trump saw this anger and frustration and used it to get where he is today — one on the “people’s side,” the one who “understands,” the one with “all the answers.” And at times, it seems he even feeds the fury of the people. 4) Where has the church been? Where are the thousands of churches that could stand together and call for PRAYER for this “great country”? Franklin Graham is visiting every capital in every state and asking people to come and join him in praying for this country. Where are all the other pastors — thousands upon thousands? Rarely do churches even consider setting aside time for prayer one night a week to open their doors for prayer. The last prayer week we had I went twice and was saddened and discouraged that fewer than 20 people showed up while I was there in a church with probably at least 900 members. I’ve been to churches that have called for prayer where the pastor(s) doesn’t even show up.

    So we wonder why Donald Trump is the frontrunner in probably the most important election for this country — although the last one was “the most important” where 40% of Christians never bothered to vote? Of course, I don’t see the president as the answer to all of our problems as much as I see a powerful God that is willing and able to do exceedingly above all that we ASK or think. Praying!

  63. When I read your blog last week, it made me think even harder about my choices. I thought I settled on a candidate. Then came the debate and I watched as it fell totally into a mess. Name calling, schoolyard fighting and I had wished clearer heads would prevail. In the morning I thought maybe it was a way to just get things off their chest and today would be better. No the next day and the next etc have been the same. The rude remarks from 3 of the candidates have sickened me. When will this stop. We look terrible for the world to see. I was so confused. Tomorrow is voting in Tn. I have been praying earnestly for weeks for guidance and I do not feel any closer to an answer. Oh Lord what do You want me to do? I will vote because as an American it is a right we cannot ignore. I just want to feel good about my choice. Will pray all night for guidance. God is God and I know without a doubt He is in control.i just wish I felt good about this voting without a doubt.

  64. Thank you for your ability to speak and write so well. It’s as if you are putting a voice to the screams and cries from my heart. I pray to a listening God and I believe that He is at work.

  65. Amen!
    I believe you are not “just” a pastor. You are a man with firm beliefs and convictions. You have a right and I believe, obligation to offer your opinion and I agree with your blog post from last week.
    I will pray, fervently. And ask my friends to do so as well.
    Thank you. Love and blessings to you.

  66. Thank you for your last two blogs. I was beginning to think I was the only one who was so offended by the way Trump speaks and bullies everyone. I don’t know how some one like that could call himself a Christian and expect people look up to him with respect as the president.
    I’m with you and will be praying your prayer (above) with you all day tomorrow.

  67. Thank You for bringing this to the attn. of citizens that feel Mr Trump isn’t what he says he is. Praying the Lord WILL reveal the right man for the White House as we know the Lord is in control. May God turn America back to where we belong!

  68. Thank you for standing up for the truth in God’s word ! Thank you for your Godly leadership. We need it so desperately in this world. In agreement with your prayer for tomorrow, Super Tuesday. May more brave Godly men and women do the same as you have in your last 2 posts.

  69. Dear Lord, we are needy in so many ways. Let us lift our hearts up to you and allow you to lead us into the path of righteous and faith. Please heal us. In Jesus Name we pray.

  70. I have been fervently praying that God will deliver the one who represents love, not the one who represents greed, and not the one who represents hate. Please, fellow readers, do not dismiss the most honest and upstanding candidate just because of a label that would have applied just as well to FDR or Eisenhower. I pray God opens hearts and minds. Remember our Christ spoke out against greed and hypocrisy more than anything else.

  71. We are responsible to the Lord for who we vote for. We need to test these candidates with scripture and vote for the one who obeys God’s word. Thank you, Max, for your sincere words and instructions to pray. I am praying and continue to do so for wisdom from our Lord.

  72. Though I am a Nigerian, I love Americans. I stand with you in prayer for a good leadership in this great country that has been a great blessing to many developing world like Africa.

  73. The problem with Max condemning Trump now is hypocritical in that Republican presidents and candidates have been spewing the same time of rhetoric as Trump but in more “civilized” or ‘Presidential” ways. So, no, it is not brave of Max. It would be brave if he realized Trump is reflective of what Republicans have created, what they value, and how these stances and policies are detrimental to the poor. Stand up and speak up and don’t romanticize something that many other christians have been speaking against for a long time.

  74. God is sovereign. Were it not for that fact and my occasional recognition of it, my heart would be devoid of hope where our nation is concerned. I shudder at the thought that God may have turned his back on us and left us, as the Bible says, to our own ways. I will pray with you tomorrow that he remains in love with us and will hear the cry of those who remain faithful to guide our path back to Him.

  75. Dear Max,
    thank you so much for speak up in regards this issue that has been reason of my prayers since Trump started with his candidacy.
    I beg the LORD to show his power and this time more than any other time in history. I’ll be praying tomorrow along with thousands of people who are concerned the same way.

  76. Thanks!
    I red your past blog, about mr Trump and his behavior and speech. I red it because I had no idea what to believe. In Europe it can be difficult to define what is real when listening to all the different reports.
    I’m not an American. Just plain European. Worried about the future might be a bit strong, but rather concerned. For many years I’ve claimed to those who know me, that I do not think people in the West should expect to go through life in the future without difficulties or tests, even being persecuted because of our faith. We do have reasons to pray. Very much and very earnestly I/we need to pray for our families, ourselves, our countries and communities, where so many, mostly rejecting there is an Almighty God and His Son, Jesus Chirst.

  77. Wise words. And i hope every Christian remembers that God does judge nations ~ and He usually does that by allowing them to have unsuitable leaders and sending a foreign enemy against them.

    We are not so different from the northern kingdom of Israel, against whom the Lord sent Sennacherib. We are not so different from the southern kingdom of Judah, against whom the Lord sent Nebuchadrezzar.

    These are the last days. Jesus said they will not be pleasant ones (Matt 24). Revelation reiterates the violence and upheaval and darkness of this world–including the United States–until the Son of God returns in clouds of glory.

    Just remember that if we pray for His will we have to really mean it. And it may be that His will is that He will come sooner than we think.

    I love my country; not my government. I hate what socialists/communists have done to the United States. They are driven by satanic forces.

    Just remember that our home, ultimately, is in heaven. It’s going to be a bumpy ride until we arrive.

    Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

  78. Max,
    Keep it up! Keep telling everyone to beware of Donald Trump. Encourage your colleagues to do the same. In the early days of Nazi Germany, not enough theologians spoke out against Hitler and we all know how that ended. By the time they did speak out, it was too late and they were arrested and killed – like Detrich Bonhoeffer. Everyone believed that because he was Catholic, he would never resort to the crimes he committed. So please, stay in front of this and help reveal the real Donald Trump – not a Christian.

  79. Thank you Pastor. I was one who posted in support of you and was interested in the various responses to you, to me, and to other people who also posted comments. There were two particular negative postures I found fascinating. Although I do not wish to dishonor anyone I thought I would address them here.

    1. “Stay behind your pulpit preacher, preach and write books. You stick to being a pastor and we will run the country.” I am afraid this one was particularly confusing to me because I never heard who the word “We” presents. But if you are to just stay behind the pulpit and do your “pastor thing,” who else is relegated a silent status. Surely doctors should be required to just handle their scalpels and Rx pads and not ever have a pubic say on these issues. After all, they are here to heal and help. Nothing more. Nurses are the same. Stethoscopes around their necks and syringes in hand, they know what do to, and nothing more. No opinion and certainly not one in public, like the break room or in the O.R. No, their job is to remain silent and in service. Truck drivers are another group that must not discuss politics at the truck stop. Someone might overhear and they are here to bring food and other goods. That is it. Right? The list goes on and on.

    Now as I saw this list forming in my God-given, albeit somewhat overactive imagination, I was quite intrigued. Where do I, as a professional author, blogger, and speaker fit in? Well I am hoping for a job description and the restrictions list to come through from one of the “We” people soon. Then I can avoid being offensive and comply with my assigned station in life.

    Surely this is the America (Great America) we all hope for. People silenced because of our occupation and calling in life. The rule will be for some and maybe many to be relegated to the fringes in order to comply with the “We” folks who will then be about running the country that we pay taxes and contribute to as well. Sounds grand doesn’t it?

    2. The second point of interest to me was “Where were you during Obama years? And is Clinton or Sanders better? Well?”

    Now I was never on a debate team but I have friends who were and when I would go to a competition (and believe me if the word competition ever fit anywhere, here it is), the tactic of diverting attention from the issue at hand was frowned upon. This was so because the person using distracting statements demonstrated they perhaps were a “we” or wee bit short on research and/or did not have a strong enough argument to stand on their own position with any substantial merit. Therefore many of them lost the competition, not on validity of a position, but on lack of ethics in fair play.

    Please know Pastor and other sisters and brothers, I do not advocate that people using these tactics should be silenced, unless of course they are in a category that the “We” people have decided renders them voiceless. I am just observing the intricacies of the defenses being laid down in order to support their position. Interesting huh? Gosh sure doesn’t sound like the America I would consider great. How about you?

    Well, I am sure I will be smacked again, as I was on the first blog post where I received over 300 likes, some shares and many angry Christians and nonbelievers who called me names and demanded to see my voting record (or assumed what it was) in order to classify me as irrelevant or invalid.

    Thank you again Pastor Lucado. I do understand what you are trying to say and I do not believe that the cloth (as they say) is a ticket to sit this out. However, I suspect the silencing is just beginning. I plan to use my voice, my gift in writing and my love for God and country to the best of my ability. As an artist I do not see my role as answering the questions but to call them to the foreground, as you have. Many blessings and know you have more supporters than critics.

    No matter who wins the election, we all have to work hard to put our country and world back together. Do you think the “We” folks will let us be part of that at all? And you know what? In the end I write, speak and dance for an audience of One. May I bring Him honor but never dishonor those who oppose me.

    Laura L. Padgett,
    Author, Speaker and Dancer for Jesus, the Christ
    Award-winning author, “Dolores, Like the River” Westbow Press 2013
    Contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul “Think Possible” and “Merry Christmas”
    Contributor to “Letters to America” 2015 Xulon Press

  80. AMEN! May we all pray boldly, and may we all see clearly. You shall knoqw them by their fruits, and we need eyes to clearly see the fruit.

  81. Max – Love the Decency for President blog and this one too!! PS… I pasted your Decency for President blog on everyone of the Donald Trumps children’s facebook page. Asking them to read it and maybe have talk with their Father about the language he is using. This world needs to hear the truth!! Blessings…one more thing… The Christmas Candle is on my favorite movies for the holidays!! Loved it!!

  82. Thank you for your wise words. I don’t understand those that call themselves conservative or evangelical Christians and swarm to a certain candidate that has shown absolutely no fruit. But I do know God is in control.

  83. Beautifully expressed, thank you. Every morning and evening at 7:14 an alarm goes off on my phone. It reminds me to stop and pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 over our nation. I’ll be adding your closing prayer on to my daily prayers. I invite anyone else who wants to pray to set their alarms for 7:14 twice a day. Imagine a nation of believers praying twice a day in unison.

    This morning I read in Eph. 6, and was reminded our enemy is not flesh and blood, though some people, especially politicians and would be politicians make for an easy target. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me “why be afraid of an enemy when you have a weapon?” God’s Word and Jesus’s completed work on the cross are our weapons.

    Thank you again for the encouragement.

  84. Amen! If people would truly understand the Power of Prayer God could do so much more in our lives and this country!!!

  85. I thank you for speaking out on behalf of God’s people. It is time for us to make an impact by making our voice heard. Pray for God’s will to be done in this matter. Enough with Trump.

  86. Max, in my humble opinion, this is the article you should have written first! When I read the Decency article, it was a bit upsetting as I live in SA, and was attending Oak Hills when the city passed the indecent bathroom bill. You did not stand for decency then. You did not stand against the terrible abuse lodged against Elisa Chan. Where wer you on the gay. Marriage issue. Why now that Trump is crude?
    I hope this is a change for you, and that you will lead for Christian values in the way you did in the prayer article. That was great! We need you to join Franklin Graham and take a public stand. I know you are well read enough to know that the American Revolution began partly in the churches of America. P.S. Vote for CRUZ !

  87. Thank you Max. You are a strong voice in a Country that is heading in a bad direction. The truth is I believe we should all take a long , hard, prayerful look at
    II Chronicles 7:14. I think that is exactly where we are. I am afraid that we are slipping away from God. Oh we do give lip service but not the behavior and Grace that goes along with it. I know people are frustrated, I am and many in my congregation are. I am very concerned for my grandchildren. We are rapidly moving away from the foundational principles that did make this Country Great. I suggest we get a hat that says, “Make America Godly Again” and the greatness will follow. Keeping you in my prayers Max as you fight the good fight

  88. As our pastor when we lived in San Antonio back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, I remember your simple yet profound wisdom. Again, you are spot on! Thank you, Max.

  89. Sorry you think God needs you for one of His judges !!! He does not!! Please think before you speak , your opinion is not needed by the Trumps or his team. We all sin and God is the one we answer too. I am praying that God sees us thru this election with a God loving man, that is what our county needs.!!!

  90. I believe you pointed out the truth that so many people have ignored. Why they argue with you I don’t understand, you basically say notice the actions and the words and see if they agree but most of all pray for the Lord to put in charge His choice. You don’t say who to choose but to pray about and really evaluate the candidates. Thank you for leading us in prayer and reminding us to seek God’s favor and grace. I pray the Lord forgives us and puts in the White House His choice. Thank you for your words and spiritual insights!!

  91. Amen! I’ve been praying for months about this. I am so concerned. But we serve a mighty God! I pray in Jesus’ name we all see clearly, vote appropriately, can approach one another using kindness and humility!! Rise up fellow Believers and stand your ground, be bold, shine your light for others to see in their darkness! Amen

  92. I am very concerned about the elections this year and fear for our country. I join you in prayer and only say, thy will.Lord not my will. Amen

  93. I was feeling hopeless this morning in light of what was in the news regarding Donald Trump. I looked at my husband and said we need to pray and pray every day. Thank you so much for your thoughts. My thoughts were confirmed with your post.

  94. I believe we are in the end times; therefore, I am not surprised at the state of the world, our country or the type of people running for office. I am sorry, but I don’t expect things to get better. I expect them to get worse, because that is what is in the Bible.

  95. Thank you for this post. I have been praying that God would not give us the president we deserve but the president that can lift our country. I will continue praying.

  96. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have every right to express your opinion because you are first and foremost a citizen of the US. The GOP and Trump have thrown open the door to this conversation by using “God” at every turn to justify their actions. Well, they can sit back, be quiet and see what others have to say on what they believe God would want. Here is a challenge for those of you criticizing Max, the Pope. Galatians 5:22 “You will know them by their fruit” Find one, just one fruit of the Holy Spirit in Trump. One. Patience, Joy, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Love, Peace, Self Control.

  97. Thank you so much for reminding us of the power we have through prayer. We need only to exercise it Thank you for leading us at thus critical time.

  98. With all due respect to your wisdom, knowledge, success and the impact you have on the Christian community at large, in my humble opinion, it is Very unfortunate that you didn’t write this article first and then let it go. To me, it feels like your words in this article would have resulted in serving for far more good in the long run than pointing out just ONE candidate’s “indecency” in your first political public stance. Prayer is the most important thing we can do for Super Tuesday, for all the primaries, for the general election, for all times, and if Mr. Trump is our next President, may we all join in prayer for his leadership ability.

  99. You continue to touch my heart. Thank you for gently, lovingly reminding us to pray passionately.

  100. This is exactly what I was looking for after I read your other blog post! Yes, we need to speak out against things that concern us as Christians, but we should be on our knees as Christians praying for Revival for our nation & world! And, that includes our elected & may be, or trying to be elected officials! And when they call themselves Christians & have no fruit or seem far from God, we need to pray for them as well & ourselves!
    I actually responded to your last article in frustration because I was frustrated that you were not calling believers to PRAYER!!! And going to God in prayer is essential! There are so many pastors taking 2016 and having huge Revival’s because our country is in peril!!!

  101. Love it Max we will join in prayer with you. You and those we met at Oak Hills when we lived there will always be treasured in our hearts. Love the little note about coming to your next message on kindness lol. You are a blessing!!

  102. Hi.
    I am observing your election process from South Australia.
    What you have said in the last 2 blogs are fair & of great value.
    Joyce’s comment about the indecency of (all) the candidates is also correct.
    Prayer is our most valuable tool/weapon; Scripture also calls on us to be wise.
    Humanistic Socialism is never Gods plan.
    So we need to be praying that as God raises up His person for the hour, that He draws them to a life-changing encounter with Him, So God Himself will be glorified & your nation will once more be blest.

  103. I have every confidence that you would not have written anything without being pressed by the Holy Spirit to do so. Take heart even with the unkindness of some of these responses.
    I’m excited to see what our Abba does tomorrow and in November. My prayer, my longing is Come Lord Jesus, quickly COME!
    Praying, but never worried!

  104. Thank you for speaking so eloquently what thousands of true believers want to say. I pray constantly for God to hear the cries of his people and work a miracle in our election. Hear this prayer O Lord.

  105. Thank you for speaking and providing pastoral guidance at this very critical time in our country’s history. It is at a time such as this, when many in their fear and anger have turned to follow golden idols, that we needed to hear the Word of God which is Wisdom. I needed to be reminded, again, to put on the full armor of God and to pray, in the spirit, with all kinds of prayers and requests. We should not be discouraged for the Lord our God is with us where ever we go. Praying tonight.

  106. Thank you so very much for giving voice to what I felt in last week’s blog on Decency for President and now for this week’s call to prayer in Worried Enough to Pray. We needed your words to unite us in an effort that if taken seriously can and will make a difference. If memory serves me correctly, before the Revolutionary War some of the preacher/pastors in the day were called the black brigade. This was not because of skin color but because they wore black robes in which to preach. They were some of the first to warn their congregations to become aware of the ever increasing infringement of the British on the colonists. Later they would don clothing fitting for battle at a moments notice beneath their black robes. They were among the first in the Revolutionary War to respond to freedom’s call. I see your speaking out as a much needed encouragement to recognize indecency, then take action and pray, paralleling what pastors did so many years ago. Thank you and please don’t stop now!

  107. Once again you have spoken words of unkindness toward Donald Trump. You never said a word about Obama. You aren’t talking about Hillary or Bernie. Why do you want to cause division with this election? Cruz is a consummate liar and Rubio is not just a liar but a crude crooked person. And, you said you felt they were great choices! You are so angry that your fellow Colleague Christian Pastors see the good that a Trump presidency can be. So you have taken your anger out on Trump. I’m very disappointed in you. We should all be praying for Donald Trump, and that includes you.

  108. Amen, Dr. Max…. When I think of Mr. Trump declaring that he hadn’t asked for forgiveness b/c he felt he hadn’t done enough wrong to have to ask for forgiveness…. or however he said it…. I think of my own father when I led him to Jesus. Dad gave me all the reasons why he didn’t believe he needed to “repent”…. and I reasoned with him with the scripture in hand…. The point IS: Dad wanted to do what was right – he wanted to become a Christian – had been in church all of his adult life – and didn’t know HOW to pray…. didn’t realize that GOD said we’re all sinners (not a preacher).. etc….. and when Dad UNDERSTOOD…. he asked God to forgive him and save him. I was right there holding his hand…. Point: Maybe Mr. Trump would come around…. or have an understanding of the truth if someone would find a way to spend the time with him and tell him. Maybe in all of the hurrah, he doesn’t have “time” to “get it” and may not until the dust settles down. And another thought…. The other two top candidates who call themselves Christians are no example for anyone who might be searching.
    Yes…. we should pray. And pray for Mr. Trump to see the light spiritually if he needs to whether he wins anything or not.

  109. Beginning last Monday, God kept talking to me about, “be ware of men in sheeps clothing”. That was all , but it was enough to catch me in praying. I have been praying on what to do about God’s talk with me. Be ware of men in sheeps clothing. Then in was, “watch out for false prophets.” So more praying. I was pacing the floors of my house. By Wednesday, God was telling me that, “the meek shall inheriet the earth.” Then going to prayer service, then to bible study, pastor talked about humility, truthfulness, strength, meek, graciousness. It really settled me down.
    Thank you Max I have been praying for all of this, and your concerns. Would Mr Trump know the meaning behind the book of Esphesians? Put on the full armour of God. I was also told to do that last week, and am still listening to God talking to me.

  110. Yes, prayer is appropriate, but how about prayer for the people in our churches. Politicians are only reflections of the population that supports them. In the case of Mr. Trump, the latest polls show 49% of national (R) voters. Our evangelical leaders have adopted a consumeristic model for church grown that worships at the alter of “Its gonna be huuuuuuuge!” We soft sell Christianity and emphasize “felt needs.” I am sure you are doing a good work, but frankly, we need Christian leaders who will speak out more. You said Trump wasn’t decent. Is that your criteria? Decent? How about calling out the politicians who run for office and try to claim that they were “called by God to run;” how about you call out the politicians who have no concern for the poor; how about you call out the politicians who care nothing for the marginalized. Its very easy when you are the popular celebrity preacher to be all mainstream and say people just need some decency. Godliness, though, is a higher calling than decency. I understand the Church of Christ in your childhood was fraught with legalism and judgmental. But surely there are stronger ideals than decency that you can call upon for people to adhere to. Who knows, you may lose some followers but gain a following.

  111. God bless you for speaking up. You are not wrong about what you wrote and I not only appreciate you speaking the truth, but being willing to stand up and say something is wrong when it is. I always enjoy reading your writings, keep up the great work – you are truly a man of God!

  112. I too have been concerned about the election and how it is spiraling out of control. Thank you for your words, you put into words all that I have been thinking but didn’t know how to articulate it. Thank you also for the followup. I will keep praying for our future president.

  113. Amen and AMEN!!! Our words and our actions MEAN something! We WILL be held accountable for all.
    When Donald Trump mentioned Israel in the last debate and said it would be a great opportunity and he would love it if he could bring Israel and the Palestinians together in peace, I actually thought about the antichrist! He just kept saying peace, peace, bring peace to Israel. Of course at this time we have no clue who or where the antichrist is but I’m pretty sure Trump is no Elijah either.
    God help us.

  114. Prayer is what this country and this election need. My prayer is thy will be done. Throughout the books of Kings we see how God put both good godly rulers and bad ones in place. He tends to give us what we ask for. My personal thought is that if a quiet, contemplative man like Ben Carson is who God wants in power, he can put him there despite polls and the electoral college numbers and loud politicians. I think of Gideon and David and others who won their battles simply because God was on their side.

  115. Thank you for this prayer… I am going to adopt it and use it for my own prayer time as I pray for this nation, as well.

  116. Each day I read your FB devotion. I have been through many Bible studies with your name on the book accompanying the Scriptures. Now I read the blog posts. God speaks through you in amazing ways, Max. I am continually blessed and daily uplifted by your words. Thank you for your honesty and integrity in your writing and for listening to the Spirit so that you may be a blessing to others; like me.

  117. GOD is the only answer and solution. We should all be praying for our country and how we, personally, can serve this country through prayer and action. Thanks for your boldness.

  118. United with you in prayers. Thanking God for His word is powerful and it cuts through and deep down the hearts of men.

  119. Thank you Max for speaking up. I am praying that God’s spirit will prevail today. Nothing is too difficult for him today.

  120. Thank you for being willing to share. My son spoke many of these same sentiments last night about Christians in politics. Standing in the gap for our country by being in prayer today. Resting in God’s direction. He will never leave us or forsake those of us who are His.

  121. Thank you, what a great time in the legacy of Israel
    Prayer changes us and if the people focus on the Lord in their daily decisions of business and family life hour by hour and minute by minute our country has a better chance of enduring–look at Israel, the keeper of what we have today in the Bible. Mat 7:1 speaks about judging –what saddens me most are the uninformed statements that have been taken to the debates for the purpose of appeasing the uninformed

  122. Amen to your words, Max Lucado! Thank you for speaking truth and reminding us of what God’s word says. Thank you for the powerful prayer.

  123. Thank you for this reminder. I have stopped wringing my hands and have fallen to my knees. My God reigns! No. Matter. What.

  124. So many things in America have happened to make a wrong to be right that I fear our leadership will become worse and worse. I am old enough to remember Khrushchev said that Communism will take over America from within, it didn’t happen in his time frame. We may not be headed for Communism today, but we are being destroyed from within because we, as Christians, have turned the other cheek when we should have spoken up for our beliefs and not let the minority rule the majority. This election really scares me.

  125. Pastor Lucado,
    I agree with you and I am inline with you in prayer.
    The only question I have for you and others is – Why are you pointing out the obvious flaws of one man’s character, calling him out by name and not mentioning any of the others?
    I fail to see true decency in most of the candidates – the others are just as flawed but far better at concealing their flaws – professionals at maintaining a ‘good’ public image. By calling out Trump specifically you are simultaneously endorsing/supporting others and/or condoning their behavior which I believe to be equally indecent and potentially more damaging.

  126. Thanks Max!

    I just finished writing a book titled “May the words of my mouth” and in the book I talk about how a believer’s speech should be different from the world’s speech. If the only thing that separates us from the world is where we spend an hour and a half on Sunday there is a problem. As Christians we are part of a new kingdom and since we are part of that new kingdom we need to learn a new language. Based on the speech that I am hearing from Mr. Trump it doesn’t sound any different from those in the world. “For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45

  127. Thank you for your words of wisdom. My pastor had a very powerful sermon on Sunday about this very thing. Did not mention any candidates, but gave 3 things to look for when you are voting as a Christian.
    He backs all of these criteria up with scripture and a mandate for us to get involved with the issues we all find important. Don’t just talk about them, get involved.
    Will continue to pray fervently for this nation and the election.
    God bless you!

  128. Thank you Max for these posts. I’ve been in prayer and the Word praying His will be done. Continue to speak the truth from the scriptures. If we didn’t know God’s final plan through His word, today’s political environment could be devastating. I remind myself every day that His perfect plan will be fulfilled. Those that condemn you know not of what they speak.

  129. This man remains the best preacher in America. He writes so clearly and the words are surely rooted in scriptures. Be sure he is not Pro-Hillary, Pro-Bernie nor anti-Trump.
    He is Pro-Jesus and anti-Devil.
    Nothing more!
    Max for President!

  130. This is why people are voting for Trump…all these years Max and others of the Christian right have failed in the pulpit about prayer in schools, homosexuality, affairs of the heart, adultery and other things and most importantly there is a heaven and hell…..their silence has brought our country to this…..Max can talk about a non christian…but where was he with Bill Clinton and Monica? and Hillary and others….silent…and just now he begans to judge…i think its time for Jesus to write in the sand again…oh you pharisees…

  131. Thank you for standing up and speaking out against Donald Trump’s foul language and behavior. We all need to do that when those who call themselves “Christians,” yet their speech, behavior and policies don’t match what the Bible teaches. Just curious why you didn’t include Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in the same scolding?

  132. Pastor Lucado

    Thank you for your insight on prayer. Today is a nation changing day. I see that you realize that as well. I pray with you that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would have mercy on this nation. I realize that only through Gods direct intervention will good win. That said I pray for you and your family. Your brother in Christ. Louis Martinez

  133. Do I think Donald Trump is a Sunday School teacher ? No .. But neither are any of the others , even Cruz himself was caught in some lies …
    I will say at least Trump will say God, and will read from the Bible, our President now, won’t do that … So you so have to give him thumbs up for at least looking out for CHRISTIANS .
    However I am praying for the elections and scared for out future .. I am not knocking any of the candidates but I am praying for them … I feel as ministers we are to pray and not tare down anyone … Let’s just stick to the praying part and leave the bashing part out ..

  134. Really Max? Did you call for decency when Barack Hussein Obama colored the White House with rainbow colors in defiance of everything decent?
    Do you pick and choose political battles based on the chances your church’s 501c3 will be revoked?

  135. I read your initial post and was moved; and in a positive way. I fear more for the fate of this Republic now than ever before. That fear fuels a passion that can be far from polite as the future of my children and grandchildren hangs in the balance. I have no wish to “water the tree of liberty with the blood patriots and tyrants alike” yet I fear that will be the gift my generation gives the next.

    I see my country not merely drifting from God but actively rowing in the opposite direction. I see the presence of God ridiculed and slandered, the name of God treated as a expletive, the influence of God dismissed as little more than a “feeling, and the principles of God treated as mere old-fashioned suggestions. Pulpits dedicated to self-esteem sermons and churches serving themselves seem to be the norm. Rarely are the people of this nation called to weep over their sins and celebrate the forgiveness found in the Cross.

    I must say that many of the responses troubled me more than mere passing in that conveyed an anger and bitterness that had seriously clouded good judgement.

    Know that while I may not always agree with your points, I found your post regarding this election cycle to be frighteningly accurate.

    May God grant this nation a leader that knows Him and honors Jesus in his heart that truth, grace, and honor may again be found at the highest levels of politics. And My God grant you His peace and comfort as you pursue His face.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

  136. Thank you for speaking out. I agree and then realize we have a bigger problem. The election is not the end all, be all, for our problems. In order for our nation to really change the hearts of men/women must change to follow after God’s laws. I think many of us just want it the easy way, we think if we have a “christian” in office all things will go well. Not so! That is just the beginning! Has America gone too far? Are we willing to be obedient to God’s laws. Not so sure. I will vote conservative and continue to pray for the men/women of our nation that hearts will change. A christian in office will win the battle but not the war.

  137. Thank you so much for speaking the truth. I am praying for our country. I am mortified at Mr. Trump’s behavior. Surely our countrymen can see that this man does not have the morals nor judgement to be the President of the United States of America.

  138. You have expressed the same desire that Ann Graham Lotz recently wrote about regarding the uneasiness of the US “we want others to know our God IS God”. Just as Elijah prayed that God would show the prophets of Baal the He IS God, so have we been praying that God’s choice for leadership would show the US that He surely is God. Such eagerness and anticipation for God to do his will! The US needs Jesus!

  139. Thank you Max for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I especially like how you ended the prayer with that God would raise up a leader in the upcoming electrol. It reminds me of how God used Nebachadnezzar to accomplish His will with the children of Israel. Who knows who God will use in this next presidency. Whoever it might be our prayer remains, Thy will be done.

  140. If only jesus had spoken with more decency, he might not have been killed.

    much blog, very thanks, many blesses.

  141. Evangelicals are voting Trump not Cruz, in pretty hefty numbers. Honestly, in America, SO MANY good and genuine Christians have been church-burnt. Cruz sounds and conducts himself like a narrow, critical, Fundamentalist preacher. Honestly, the church-burnt cannot stomach that, EVEN though he clearly represents their views on policy. IDK what can be done, but I really do think this is the case. This is a phenomena w/in Christianity that puzzles those looking on, but we understand that as with the political class, a lot of ppl who self identify as Christian are also frustrated with denominational and religious leadership. This voter block believe in his policies with their reason, but because of deep wounds, their hearts just can’t follow him.

  142. Does Hillay CLAIM to be a Christian?
    Does Obama CLAIM to be a Christian?
    JESUS rebukes them all. Can you?
    Why single Trump out? Has Cruz blessed Trump who cursed him? Hillary is decent, though full of deceit? Obama is decent though full of partiality? How many decent evangelicals voted for Obama? Have anything to say to those who voted for him? This selective “concern” of pastors fails when it comes to politics. Maybe, just maybe, Trump is a better advocate for the working poor Christian than you. And you should have sympathy for their marginalization. Pharisees were more concerned about decency and neglected integrity. We will see how decent Marco and Cruz are when Trump wins the vote fairly and according to the rules. See then how decent you are then, too. Kingdom of God important enough to call out Trump, fine. Just don’t stop. Speak to Obama, Bernie, Clinton.

  143. Max,
    As a candidate for Governor of Texas in 2010, you prayed for me and asked God to lead me. He did. Thank God I did not win, or did I? I did what the Lord lead me to do, I influenced the Governor of Texas and I got to meet you. I would say you have touched a nerve of people who are scared of the truth. Ron Paul told me when I asked him if I should run that “We should never be afraid of the truth.” He did not say the truth will be popular and get one elected. I am thankful you are NOT a politician and instead choose to serve the Lord first as a father, then as a pastor but are also not afraid to serve as an American with an opinion.

  144. Mr. Trump’s past and present bears heavily on my mind as so many seem not to pay any attention to it. Have we forgotten God? I have not and I just want to remind everyone this: “Man can make their own plans, but God has the final outcome.”

  145. Thank you speaking boldly and organizing this. We prayed individually today and as a group tonight at community group, making a commitment to pray everyday. So glad for a call to unify. Blessings to you and your family!

  146. Max…thank you for the post. I am Catholic and know all too well how the media will ask the Pope a political gotcha question then Christians heavily criticize the Pope for his opinion. Frankly, I look to the Pope and other Christian leaders for their political opinion. I’m not asking them to endorse a candidate but to weigh in. I was disappointed to see that Jerry Falwell Jr endorsed Trump after he said he would follow in his Father’s footsteps and not endorse a candidate. However, when any candidate stands up and says he’s Christian and he’s going after the Evangelical vote, Yes I do believe it is responsible for religious leaders, like yourself to have an opinion AND an obligation to speak out. I personally will never vote for Trump nor will I turn a blinds eye to his crude language and corruption. He is the one that proudly declared he’s “never asked God for forgiveness.” That statement is very telling. Yes, we are all sinners, but that’s no reason to excuse poor behavior and crude manners. That’s no reason to EXPECT Trump will change his ways and clean up his act. Why should he? His followers don’t care how he treats people. As Christians, we are to hold each other accountable and at a higher standard. I vote by my faith first. And there is nothing about Donald Trump that remotely represents my Christian values and beliefs. If Trump is the President it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s God’s will as so many Christians who are supporting Trump would like to believe. God gives us all free will…He may just let us have that free will and let us reap what we sow by who we elect. One Christian Trump supporter rationalized her support by saying to me, “Trump is much like King David…a sinner” …my reply was, “No..David beg God for forgiveness…Trump said he’s never asked God for forgiveness.” There in lies the difference between one who is a true Christian and one who proclaims he’s Christian.

  147. Thanks Max for your Blog and to all the brethren that have left their comments above.
    I am not writing from the U.S.A., for I am not an U.S.A. citizen. I am spanish, I was born and live in northeastern Spain, close to the french border. And I am new born christian too, since I surrendered to Christ 35 years ago.
    I don’t know how much aware you are that the issues you discuss here affect us, the whole body of Christ all over the world. My country, though nominally catholic is a perfectly atheist one. Most of our fellow citizens just know about faith through tv news related to your country, since after all, certainly our Lord has blessed you as the most powerful country in the world, and certainly, one of the most believing ones. I cannot but congratulate on such a coincidence.
    Nevertheless, this poses us in a difficult situation. As the most powerful country, you are constantly examined and anything coming from the U.S.A. is by definition, suspicious of something similar to imperialism or bullying at least. And, as you say, the president is also the face of the U.S.A. to the rest of the world and… by extension the face of the most powerful christian nation too.
    I know, I know, the american president must serve american citizens and be elected only according to their feelings, desires and necessities. But we all also know that your country has as well a deep respect for democracy, and that you christians of America, as the people of America too, can press the candidates in such a way that respect for testimony of Christ in words and deeds may be preserved. And even more, pray.
    For me, if you don’t mind I will keep praying in the same way and blessing the U.S.A. even as a foreigner. After all, this must be stated all over the world: since I was a boy I have had the privilege of seeing tens, may be hundreds, of american missionaries preaching the gospel abroad with their words, deeds and lives. May the Lord bless and protect all of them.

  148. Sometimes God allowed the people to stray… so they would turn back to Him. Maybe we have to hit rock bottom to truly realize how getting SO far away from God’s Word has effected our country & what it was founded on. It usually only took the Isrealites 7 years to realize their need to turn back… maybe it will take America 12 years… hopefully not 16… keep praying…

  149. Max, but are any of the GOP candidates even close to showing Christian values? Cruz, Rubio, etc. talk of immediately abolishing Obamacare, Immigration measures, attack the enemy harder, etc. they actually argued about killing more innocents to get at the targets. This does not fit with how Jesus lived his life, or the bible. It seems the democrats are closer to those values. You can say what about abortion and gay marriage? Gay marriage will happen no matter what, whether it is formal or informal and goes along with being good to your neighbor. Abortion? That is something that needs to be attacked at the individual level more than anything. The law does not cause abortions, and people can get them no matter the legal environment.

  150. I appreciate your heart but I have one question. When Obama professed to be a Christian did you feel the need to call him out because of his ungodly support for abortion? A note can not reflect tone, well at least with my writing skills they can’t, but my tone is truly a humble one.

  151. Thank you for standing for the Truth of God’s Word. Tough times but nothing the Lord is not aware of thankfully.

  152. I am disappointed to see this article. I can’t recall seeing Mr Lucado point out anything about tother candidates who are far worse than Mr Trump. How can he possibly publicly challenge another believer’s faith who he has not even met personally? That is the Accuser’s job anyway to make people feel ashamed and condemned.

  153. Lets stop speculating and judging and let’s look at what the God’s Word has to say : Matthew 7:22
    Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ There are a lot of slick talking politicians, that use the name of Jesus in the Bible like a genie in the bottle. Don’t be deceived by religious photo ops. Not every politician that claims to be a Christian is a Christian… Let God be the judge. Their are politicians who claim to be a Christian, but mainly hold the Muslim perspective.
    I certainly don’t want to tear down another brother or sister how have publicly confessed Christ as their Savior, for their lack of knowledge of the Word of God, especially someone that I’m going to spend attorney with. Especially someone that I’m going to spend eternity with.
    My reality is based on God’s Words, and not on unreal purists views, that somehow give me a false security, then I can go around judging others Who claim Christ as their Savior. Beware of the Pharisees and the Sadducees Who outwardly they talk a good talk, they will be little and debate other brothers and sisters in the Lord just to criticize and destroy them. Millions of purest didn’t vote for Romney because he was a Mormon. Romney never claimed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Rommey never claimed that he was a Christian, but if the Christians would have voted, Obama would have never won a second term.
    God bless

  154. So, if we do not have a strong Christian president who will bring true reformation in November, we can safely assume that this whole discourse was merely political rhetoric – you didn’t really believe what you wrote about the “common” man, Elijah?

    According to this article, one praying man is all it would take, right? Are you laying your personal integrity on the line, Max? Or, are these just “preaching” words that high-visibility Christian leaders use when they feel pressured by others to say something profound – but haven’t really heard anything from God on the matter?

  155. I agree with everything you say about Trump. However, I would like to know why you did not (to my knowledge) take a public stance against Clinton’s immoral behavior and his support of abortion, or against Obama’s support of abortion. Both these men say that they are Christians. (I am not asking you to say that they are not; only the Lord can judge that. I am saying that their actions have also been reprehensible enough to warrant open opposition from all Christians.)

    Please do know that I sincerely appreciate all you have done to spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  156. We are to love one another…in spirit and in truth. While Mr Trump may be brash at times, he resonates with folks because he is pointing out truth…and the American People are fed up with so called Christians that “Love” one another and don’t stand for what is right. What is being communicated is really tolerance…and tolerance to let evil continue. Where is the outcry for Hillary, the homosexual marriage decision that was ‘FORCED’ on the people, and now we have to ‘love’. Hillary has committed horrible crimes, and she is allowed to run for President of our country? And what do our nice and kind Christian leaders do about it? Tell the people to be nice, and that if someone speaks harshly or calls a name, that is not the character of the Lord Jesus. I tell you folks…read your Bible and let the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of truth..guide you into all truth. Jesus called the religious leaders of his day ‘Vipers’…he angrily looked at those religious leaders who did not like his healing of the withered hand.When Jesus returns he is not coming back as a nice guy! He is coming back with a sword, and his robed is dipped in blood! Sin has to be arrested, not managed. He judges His house first…the Christians…have you found the truth…or have you just been saved to another gospel? BTW…I don’t know that Trump is the answer…but folks are tired of the lies, and want this evil stopped…I am a Christian, and don’t believe in name calling or gossip, but if you are telling the truth because it needs to be brought out to save a nation…that is not gossip.

  157. I certainly am praying for this nation! However, what if Donald Trump is God’s judgement on America. What if American’s are choosing the ‘Barabbas’ of our day? I think God is more concerned with the hearts of the American people than he is “who” is elected president. The person elected president is merely be a reflection of voters!

    Pray, Yes! Pray for repentance in the heart of all Americans. Maybe then we will get a Godly leader.

  158. More Christian “leaders” who do not understand. Trump may be dirty but I remind you that Moses had a serpent in his right hand….for a reason. What are the alternatives? Hillary? Hillary already said that religion in America must change. Hillary would be Jezebel in the white house. Sanders? you know that will crash our nation. Cruz can’t win without a Miracle. Yes we believe in Miracles. You’re in a fix. You have a guy named trump who has said publicly that he will be the best thing for Christians and will elect conservative judges. If he’s lying, that’s on him. In the meantime, I’m voting for Trump

  159. Pastor, thank you for your note.

    While you have indicated your preferences here, the issue that really concerns me is that our Lord’s name is continually blasphemed because of the misrepresentation of what a Christian should be.

    You questioned the way Trump talked. I would appreciate if you could point out also that we are to examine ourselves not just by the way we talk, but more importantly by the way we walk? Are we doers of the word as James put it? Are we letting our light shine so others may glorify God as Jesus put it? Are we putting people to shame because of our good behavior as Peter had put it?

    Rather than pointing out your political preferences(which does nothing but undermines your credibility because you already picked a side without full justification), it would be much more fruitful if you can teach us what the Bible says about the marks of a Christian(this is very important because we must be able to know in order that we may discipline one another in the church as Jesus and Paul had taught). It would then be clear to us all who is a Christian and who is not by the standards laid out by our Lord. By doing so, did you really then have to single out Trump? Why did not not also line up the Biblical standards with the other candidates, or the past presidents for that matter? In fact, the great thing about Trump is that no Christian or non-Christian would seriously believe that he’s a Christian, i.e. our Lord’s name won’t be misrepresented. On the contrary, how many others have gone before us who claimed and talked like a brother; yet, lived contrary to what he said? And when a so-called Christian does that, our Lord’s name is blasphemed, our Christian faith is mis-represented; as a result, more damage is done to the Christendom! That’s been a huge hinderance to our mission! Please teach us and encourage us to do good, as this should be the evidence of our faith, and let us Christians shine and be known for our good works, rather than being always finger-pointng people who does no good and always criticizes. The problem with us Christians these days is that, there really is NO distinction between us and non-Christians by the way we talk and walk because we have become one with the world! No wonder why people have to actually ask another person ‘Are you a Christian or not?’, and even if the answer is positive, that may not mean a thing.

    Pastor, please be reminded that you hold a very privileged position that is loaded with responsibilities, and James did say that the Lord has a very high standard for you to follow. Therefore, please teach and preach well, as according to the Bible. I don’t believe that you should just ‘stick to the pulpit’, I would just say that you should just ‘stick with the Bible’, and not so much voicing out your own preferences.

  160. Disappointed in Max Lacado as in much of the church that would not speak up and would stay silent about our corrupt leadership with president Obama and yet “share” his opinions about Trump. I have not yet seen a candidate who truly loves America like Donald Trump. Like other notable believers have said. Perhaps it’s best for you to do what you do well Max and not step into an arena that is not yours.

  161. I have been very troubled and concerned about this years primaries. NC is coming up quickly and I have begun to panic, just a little. I know what my heart says, I must stand up for my faith and vote the teachings of Christs. I also know that God has used bad people in the past for good. I continue to pray for guidance and leading by the Holy Spirit. This mornings devotional had this verse at it’s topic, it seems to have a message for all of us. Be blessed : “For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).”

  162. Thank you for your courage and discernment. Prayer is the “Soul Force” (a phrase coined by Martin Luther King) for our nation, for its leaders, and for its potential leaders, and for all of in this great nation. I am sure we will never find a perfect candidate, and some on this thread ask, why Trump is being singled out when no candidate is without flaws. Trump associates himself with greatness, but he disqualified himself from the Greatness he is always talking about the moment he mocked and ridiculed and degraded a man with disabilities. As the grandmother of a special needs child, now deceased, it broke my heart to see people supporting a possible POTUS who would stoop to such pettiness, such cruelty. We are clearly taught what the “fruits of the spirit” are, and they do not include vulgarity, lack of compassion, mockery of those in need, and a refusal to ever apologize nor seek our Lord’s forgiveness. Also Trump and other candidates use their Christianity for political gain. We are admonished not to brag lousy about our faith, but to strive to be Christ-like in our demeanor, in our kindness, our gentleness, our loving of, yes, even our enemies. we don’t try to gain favor with others by bragging about how Christian we are, but, rather, by treating each person we meet with dignity, Christian love, and understanding. I have seen hatred spewing from the mouths of Christians, dividing our nation, creating chasms and fears instead of bridges and hope. “And they’ll know we are Christians by our Love…”

  163. Good job Max…Your naive blatherings have encouraged what we saw tonight in Chicago…do you know the name Bill Ayers..??…you should carefully research that…you have de-facto supported Bill Ayers….how sad….

  164. THANK YOU, PASTOR, for speaking the word of LIGHT!
    Jesus said it first, not you: “By their fruits, you will know them.” (Matthew 7:16) And concerning His followers, He taught this directly as a way to behave: “Into whatever place you go, SPEAK PEACE.” (Matthew 10:13)

    Your words of LIGHT, TRUTH, and PEACE bless persons who seek the same.
    I’m one–and SO VERY GRATEFUL that you have delivered an enlightened, courageous word to readers about NABAL Trump (1Samuel 25:2; 25)!

    Let those who have ears HEAR what The Spirit says to Christ’s Church! (Matthew 11:15)

  165. If you have waited until uou are “worried enough to pray”, you are too late. God wants to hear from us daily, regardless of circumstances. Why wait to pray. You are sending the wrong message.

  166. I think you are right.
    Regarding picking and supporting leaders

    1. Do not fear to honor and support those who are excellent leaders and accomplish great things for the people.

    2. Do not accept false, unfounded accusations against leaders.

    3. When there are substantiated accusations against leaders do not give ear to them. Turn off gossip news.

    4. Stand up for Jesus as the standard for people claiming to be leaders and claiming to follow Him. Never be ashamed of Jesus’ words. Never support liars and hypocrites for any leadership position.

    5. Maintain these principles when the pressure comes. It has now come.

    6. Do not be biased in applying these principles. Regardless of the person’s race, ethnicity, citizenship these principles must be applied.

    7. Do not be partial to people based on their gender or party or religious affiliation.

    17 The elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard [e]at preaching and teaching. 18 For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle the ox while he is threshing,” and “The laborer is worthy of his wages.” 19 Do not receive an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses. 20 Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning. 21 I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of His chosen angels, to maintain these principles without bias, doing nothing in a spirit of partiality. 22 Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and [f]thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself [g]free from sin.

    23 No longer drink water exclusively, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.

    24 The sins of some men are quite evident, going before them to judgment; for others, their sins follow after. 25 Likewise also, deeds that are good are quite evident, and those which are otherwise cannot be concealed.

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