Because of Bethlehem

Max Lucado loves Christmas. The carols and cookies, the decorations and favorite…
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Remind God of His Promises

I remember sitting in high school Algebra class staring at my textbook as if it…
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Hope Still Comes

We banter the word “hope” about carelessly. We hope the Red Sox will win the…
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Breathing Room Vol. 2 Issue 6 — by Andrea Lucado

My daughter, Andrea, has some great thoughts on the meaning of waiting in the…
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Let’s Be Donkeys This Christmas

Christmas bespeaks of nativity. And nativity gives occasion to nativity plays.…
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Miracle of the Moment

Advent 2017 – Pt. 1 of  “Miracle on My Street” – Max…
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Christ, Our Hope!

When Christ was born, so was our hope. Of all the delights of the season, this…
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Every Heart a Manger

When Christ was born, so was our hope! This is why I love Christmas. The event…
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