The God Who Won’t Give Up

Not everyone in Jesus’ world gave him a warm welcome. Not everyone received…
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Receive First, Give Second

What do you do when you’re low on love? Do you try to conjure it up by the…
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Do I Applaud What Is Right?

The summer before my eighth-grade year I made friends with a guy named Larry. He…
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Passing the Test

Real love changes people. After all, didn’t God’s love change you? Weren’t…
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Dark Country of Divorce

It touches each of us, sooner or later. A friend, a brother, a co-worker, or…
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An Angel’s Story (Christmas)

“Gabriel.” Just the sound of my King’s voice stirred my heart. I left my…
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Two Fathers, Two Feasts

(written Thanksgiving, 1991) I drove the family to Grandma’s last night for…
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When You and Your Kin Can’t

“My true brother and sister and mother are those who do what God wants.” …
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Give It All To Him

A dramatic presentation of “The Trashman” parable found in Max&#8217…
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