Max's Topical Teachings

Below is a selection of just a few of the many topics which Max has covered. Use the search further down the page to find the topic which you want to learn about. This database is updated regularly, so check back often for the latest from Max’s sermons, blogs, and podcasts. Enjoy, and God bless.

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April 5, 2015
He Did It Just For You

Jesus says to a “doubting” Thomas in John 20:29, “Thomas, because you have…

April 4, 2015
The Cross

The cross. Can you turn any direction without seeing one? Engraved on a ring or…

April 3, 2015
An Anchor for Your Soul

Six hours, one Friday. To the casual observer the six hours are mundane. But…

April 2, 2015

Come with me to the hill of Calvary. Watch as the soldiers shove the carpenter…

April 1, 2015
The Sign on Christ’s Cross

John 19:19 says, “Now Pilate wrote a title and put it on the cross: Jesus of…

March 31, 2015
He Wore Our Sin

Scripture often describes our behavior as the clothes we wear. 1 Peter 5:5…

March 30, 2015
Far From Christ

Imagine the scene at the cross. Soldiers huddled in a circle, dice-throwing—…

March 27, 2015
Father, Forgive Them

Of all the scenes around the cross, the one that angers me most is when those in…

March 26, 2015
Simon Carries Jesus’ Cross

Four soldiers. One criminal. One cross. Simon, a farmer, stands among the crowd…