Max's Topical Teachings

Below is a selection of just a few of the many topics which Max has covered. Use the search further down the page to find the topic which you want to learn about. This database is updated regularly, so check back often for the latest from Max’s sermons, blogs, and podcasts. Enjoy, and God bless.

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September 15, 2020
Decide to Believe

Belief happens when we place our confidence in God. It is a decision to lean…

September 14, 2020
You Aren’t Alone

Are you convinced that no one cares, that no one can help you, hear you, or heed…

September 11, 2020
You Have Nothing to Prove

Satan and the Son of God stood on the southeastern wall of the temple, more than…

September 10, 2020
The Wise Builder

Obedience leads to blessing.  Disobedience leads to trouble!  Remember Jesus…

September 9, 2020
Risk Believing in God

When forced to stand at the crossroads of belief and unbelief, God’s people…

September 8, 2020
You Are More

You are so much more than a few days between the womb and the tomb. Paul the…

September 7, 2020
Let Jesus Heal You

Would you like Jesus to heal you?  Then, ask Him. The four Gospels detail…

September 4, 2020
Ask God for His Plan

My wife and I spent five years on a missionary team in Brazil. Our first two…

September 3, 2020
Will You Be Someone for Another?

When disaster strikes, the human spirit responds by reaching out to help those…